January 12, 2019 – Sweet Fire Active Saturday

This is a sweet Saturday before a Serious Planning Sunday.

Today the MOON is in fire Aries as of [12:18 am pst/ 1:18 am mst/ 2:18 am cst/ 3:18 am est] for more new beginnings.

MOON TRINE VENUS [11:20 am pst/ 12:20 pm mst/ 1:20 pm cst/ 2:20 pm est] is creative harmony between potent eclipses that purify shadow, speak truth, invite Kali, and smooth it all over with feminine touch, creativity, and grace.

[4:12 pm pst/ 5:12 pm mst/ 6:12 pm cst/ 7:12 pm est] is an active “go” energy–good for dancing, running or jumping! It happens in the evening providing for a moving wow Saturday Night!

Tomorrow, there is a SATURN-MERCURY CONJUNCTION, coming closer today–asking us for “serious thinking,” planning, kinda day. These Mercury Saturn days (tomorrow) are tightening, and may reveal places of rigidity to be softened, and places where good planning, intentions and boundaries are solutions.

We can feel sore in bones or muscle–(infrastructure) as we tend to it at its core–and it speaks to us of tight and loosening. This is a good “yoga-weekend.” Bodies like to be tended with care and tomorrow’s Mercury Saturn is a good “body-tuning-aspect.”
. . . . .
Author’s Note: Time for meditation and reset in the Saturn-Mercury contact. Plans keep changing so this weekend is for re-organizing time for the happenings ahead. Anyone wanting a quick decision-making or quick planning reading–quick readings for $11 (20 min quick question)–NEXT WEEK! (phone will be working by then!) e-mail: azlanwhite@gmail.com with your quick planning reading time slot. (this will be quick clear tarot based). GIFTS still coming–stay tuned here. Happy New Year as its still unfolding from the Dark time of year, still dark, just peeking tiny peeks each day.