January 11, 2019 – VOID MOON all day – More Soulful Shifting

SUN CONJUNCT PLUTO today [3:36 am pst/ 4:36 am mst/ 5:36 am cst/ 6:36 am est] is the light connecting with power. Its our shining soul coming forth with ideas about money, creativity, love and our real authentic god-given power.  How do we focus ourselves? How do we orient with how we fuel, receive, move, through the world?

We are here to shine our soulful self into the world. What is blocking that?–what will facilitate it?

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [6:11 am pst/ 7:11 am mst/ 8:11 am cst/ 9:11 am est] is the aspect that is “making our VOID” today. This is an in-between time. Often things that were unfinished from the past can resurface to complete, or we can return things to stores that “weren’t quite right.” its also a day to “return to the creator,” all the experiences of our life that we would like to “recycle” or “upgrade.” We are free to recycle and upgrade our experiences in life, any time, and this VOID today is a really good Time-Space, for doing that.

MOON SEXTILE SUN [6:25 am pst/ 7:25 am mst/ 8:25 am cst/ 9:25 am est] is a male to female wisdom and intelligent conspiring kind of aspect. The conversations can go well today–and re-structuring things in the past that didn’t work before, with a new ingredient can allow them to work now. The SUN and MOON, together, make the missing ingredient. That is the alchemy of mating male and female energies. Its not just in sex, in partnership and with children, it happens on the bus with good ideas too, just riding along for ten minutes.
. . . .

Author’s Note: After waiting for things to “settle down,” to start the best sharings, I’m sharing them anyway–its just going to be a little more bumpy, and not always go as I plan, but its all coming out–everything I’ve learned–and its a lot–and its so magical–more and more and more magical the deeper you go down the star-rabbit-hole. Its freeing and loving. So out comes the Astrology School and Apprenticeship and Mystery School for a year! Wooo Hooo!
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