January 9, 2019 – Forward Moving through the Love Square

MOON between the eclipses, SEXTILE URANUS [8:53 am pst/ 9:53 am mst/ 10:53 am cst/ 11:53 am est] is the ground for more little mini revolutions inside the bigger ones.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [5:09 pm pst/ 6:09 pm mst/ 7:09 pm cst/ 8:09 pm est] is a corner of love, money, or feminine energy (or all of them). These are places of transition where we move through differences of perspective or differences in ways of being. Diversity makes the world go round and is not a reason to judge one another.

May we overcome all little differences to align on the important things–like clean air, fresh sunlight, and water we can drink. An earth to walk upon, that we can honor in sacredness. 
. . . . .
Author’s Note: 
I’m in Santa Fe for a little while longer. If you are in Santa Fe–lets get together for readings and tea partys before I leave town!