January 8, 2019 – Death to New Life, Death to New Life, Death to New Life

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [1:44 am pst/ 2:44 am mst/ 3:44 am cst/ 4:44 am est] is a nice feeling, as the MOON is rising between one catharsis change and another. This is expansion, ascension, leap of faith, and blind walk into the unknown future time. Its time to stretch into what we are, from all the resistance we’ve had to our true selves.

MERCURY SQUARE MARS [2:05 am pst/ 3:05 am mst/ 4:05 am cst/ 5:05 am est] is another place of right action. Every day is a place of right action–and today–right action is in front of us–to work with–things can happen quickly as we step into a fast-moving-right-action-train.

May our correct thoughts lead to correct actions. “correct,” that is for our own inner calling, our own inner truth, and our inner self, that “knows,” . . . this eclipse period will only allow what is authentic. That will be clear. If something isn’t working, maybe its time to let it go. Things are dying and things are being born–its a wild time of catharsis and mysterious change!

Cheers to all the changes!