January 5, 2019 – Deep Prayers for Truth n Breakthrough for all in Solar Eclipse Death n’ Rebirth

This NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE [3:33 am pst/ 4:33 am mst/ 5:33 am cst] is a powerful energy for prayer and realignment. Our thoughts are more powerful at this time so deep and wide changes are underway.

For insight into this solar eclipse we can look to the aspects around it.

VENUS TRINE CHIRON [10 am pst/11 am mst/12 pm cst/1 am est] is a deep sexy intuitive aspect that has the power of love, friendship, healing and wisdom in its pain. Pain can be the opening of great beauty, when we listen well.

ECLIPSED MOON CONJUNCT SATURN [10:32 am pst/11:32 am mst/ 12:32 pm cst/ 1:32 pm est] is an intimate structure re-maker. THIS IS A POWERFUL TIME. we are in a between time just before the new moon and yet in the eclipse window. This is powerful reorganizing energy. Keep intent clear and focused on pure desires. It’s a day to be wise.

ECLIPSED MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE [3 pm pst /4 pm mst/ 5 pm cst/ 6 pm est] is a sweet kiss of intuitive flow, to follow. Meditation assists in being “in the flow” and not in resistance to it.

SUN CONJUNCT MOON in Capricorn [5:28 pm pst/ 6:28 pm mst/ 7:28 pm cst/ 8:28 pm est] Welcome the new birth. This death n rebirth is in area of work n home. This is important time. Seedlings in our mind travel into roots today. Solid Ground Capricorn is calling us to find and feel our souls roots, deeper alignments, deeper truths, and ground that our feet like.

VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS [6:28 pm pst/ 7:28 pm mst/ 8:28 pm cst/ 9:28 pm est] love love love love love love love no matter what. This is a love revolution. The power of love can overcome every challenge. May we love first our own existence then the other beings who exist around us! This is a powerful time of women connecting as the feminine women inside us are the midwives of these deep changes occurring.

We are human rebirthing our work n home life. Love can be in charge as we put her in charge.

. . . .

Authors Note : This is a great time to consciously focus. In a reading we empower your intent.  I’m in Santa Fe for a little while longer and available for local and phone readings. Email: azlanwhite@gmail.com with your birth time/date/place and one or two times when you can schedule sacred time.

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