January 3, 2019 – Healing, Belief, Crisis to Action ; emotional wisdom

Today is a whopper of an energy day! If being at the dark moon before the solar eclipse wasn’t enough to add depth and even dark emotions to be with: the Chiron Mercury Square adds poignant dialogue with these deepest of places. Dark waning moon until solar eclipse on Saturday Jan 5th 5:28 pm pst.

MOON in Sagittarius is fiery and may be feeling the JUPITER DARK MOON CONJUNCTION [12:23 am pst/ 1:23 am mst/ 2:23 am cst/ 3:23 am est] expanding feelings into dark places. Dark places have emotions that may simply need companionship. They are also the most fertile places we have for new things.

JUPITER and the MOON want us to expand our beliefs beyond the limited beliefs that are causing suffering.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [4 am pst/ 5 am mst/ 6am cst/ 7 am est] adds an emotional corner. A space of addressing deep feeling places and spiritual practice that is ours.

MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON [2:41 pm pst/ 3:41 pm mst/ 4:41 pm cst/ 5:41 pm est] brings us into dialogue and awareness with the alchemical “deepest wounded places” they are microphoned today. Each grief wearing its own little clip mic as if being interviewed by the creator through us. What do you have to teach us in this square my wounded deeply feeling self ? How would you like to heal? What do you need to say?

[9:13 pm pst/ 10:13 pm mst/ 11:13 pm cst/ 12:13 am late night est] provides a breakthrough. When we listen deeply to our painful emotional places: they can bring insight and even whole belief system openings! May we allow our minds to open open to a more healing state.

URANUS is slowing down to go direct, so its in an extra alchemical place of slowing us down for deeper alchemy.

It’s an ascension day–ascension means bringing divine light into the darkest places. Uplifting the lower into the higher.

. . .

Authors Note: I’m available for readings for the next week! I’m here in this dark and fertile time: seeing in the dark: ready to assist you! Sign up for a reading this week! Allow us to dig into your mysterious map of life and see your journey. We can open the doors and prepare for January’s eclipse season. Pick a day and time this weekend or next week and email it to me. (Or pick 2 times). AzlanWhite@gmail.com I’ll write you back to confirm and we will set up sacred seeing time.

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