January 2, 2019 – Fire in the Dark of Winter – Prepare for Healing Depths Tomorrow

MOON enters fiery Sagittarius before dawn, [12:58 am pst/ 1:58 am mst/ 2:58 am cst/ 3:58 am est] then TRINE’s MARS for more fire. This is creative time.

Though we’ve crossed a few new years crossings, we are still at the low low bottom of the solar cycle, now going up, and still darkness, unknown and the compostable and fertile soil of change all around us.

MOON TRINE MARS [2:41 am pst/ 2:41 am mst/ 3:41 am cst/ 4:41 am est] Actions align with feelings within.Even though the dark of the solar cycle, the cold, and feelings of isolation or “aloneness,” can arise during the Capricorn season, this “right action aspect,” brings us lights of inspiration like sparks that fly off of our heart. We can take little actions toward ignigting those little sparks! May we give them the fuel they need to become bigger lights this season.

Eclipses are deep potent reset times.
They are the power change makers of the consciousness of the times. They also expose shadow, darkness in each other, for healing, reconciliation of parts, and wisdom. They also reveal the extremes of dark and light. The extremes come out like a pendulum swinging, to the corners and edges, so that when all settles after the eclipse period–there’s more balance and cohesive divine intent alignment than before the rock your boat eclipse change portal .

Tomorrow : MERCURY SQUARE CHIRON meets our awareness with a deep wound, illness, imbalance, or pain. These things are great and wise messengers. As the MOON wanes toward a NEW MOON SOLAR (partial) ECLIPSE, (Jan. 5)–in this square tomorrow–we can make healing preparatory meditations. This is a day for intentions for healing in the year. It is a time to clean our thought receptors of things not serving our healing.
. . . . .
Author’s Note: Well I discovered that making free things to give away and setting up the tech to give them away is two different things! I can make things to give you all, but If the tech isn’t set up, its hard to get them to you! Planning Calendars for the year are emerging! the MERCURY PLANNING CALENDAR (mercury retrograde cycles for the year)–is available now! If you did not receive it in the mailings I did, please e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com and tell me you want all the free gifts!

I’m in Santa Fe for just a little longer before a trip east to set up the next wolf location! This has seemed a long time coming and I realize it took a while for me to be “ushered by spirit,” that the east coast was the right direction. Whenever we are “looking for the next location for the pack,” there are often offers from “all sides of the country!” We often are faced with odd offers of land or a place to be in places we’ve never been. This time–I’m following two offers, one to each of us Directors of the wolf project–each have places we’re invited in the same area! The syncronicity made it clear–the direction! So for the last little time in Santa Fe–I’ll be sitting at coffee shops doing readings! If you are in Santa Fe–lets get together in person while I’m here! E-mail me to setup time!

Another way to setup a reading, by phone or in person is to pay (any amount) – Sliding scale of $25-$250 for a reading. I mean it–too its not about the money–I’ll take the high or low end of the scale happily! The reading money goes toward feeding and caring for the Heart of a Wolf Pack!
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In the reading, we will look at the eclipses in January to see what is being radically shifted with them–as well as the whole year ahead for you ! It matters how you treat this early time!

Lets make it the best you can for your year, by setting up frequencies of intent that are clear, loving and embodying your joyful heart’s desires. (nothing else will do).