January 1, 2019 – 2019 Female Earth Pig – A Year for Balancing Power Through Play

MOON is in Scorpio for this New Year’s Day. Though this is not the beginning of the actual solar year, its still an indicator of the year ahead, due to everyone’s focus on this date as the new year. It’s time to balance power.  The power structures in our world have been extremely corrupt, unbalanced and  based  “power over,” structures that dominate life, not collaborate with it–the divine way.

This year, we are seven years into the changing of era’s this is a final year in a seven year progress cycle of this change of era’s we are tiny tiny babies in the new era–still can hardly see it! This year the last year in seven years of transition–leads to–more change–however there is always this sense of “mastery” at seven years. Many say we master a career or a task after seven years of practice. So for those of us in the changing of era’s energy–we might finally start to “get the hang of it,” leaping off cliffs, having faith, walking blindly into the unkown. Why? because its a new era–its all NEW and the only way to get to the NEW from the OLD, is to walk with blind faith. So stretch your hands and hearts out in front of you into the invisible field of unlimited potential and know that spirit joins you there, ready to walk each day, into creating the new systems, new structures and new everything in a more balanced way. We as humanity are being called to “see through” corruption and restructure according to divine plan, instead of the domination plan. These are two separate plans. One is put out through the “deep state,” and propaganda, utilizing all our world systems as hands to manipulate and control this human body. The other–“divine plan,” is from an unknown source–our Creator–whom is larger than we can comprehend, yet has a plan.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [7:19 am pst/ 8:19 am mst/ 9:19 am cst/ 10:19 am est] brings is more messages on balancing power, use of money and how we channel empowerment in our lives. In 2019 its time to balance the power at the beginning so our year can be a fluid river of manifested grace through us.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:09 pm pst/ 3:09 pm mst/ 4:09 pm cst/ 5:09 pm est] is an intimate connection to the SATURN–structures of this world. Each of us has some roll to “tune in” to the structures and systems of our world and see their death and rebirth.In this seventh year of the changing of era’s How are we feeling the systems could be redone? How can we feel into the re-imagining of politics, as a whole system, of the medical system, whole corrupt system, food systems, FDA, corrupt systems. We are in a year of “tuning in” to the systems in our world so we can be prepared for the imminent restructuring–it comes

SUN CONJUNCT SATURN [9:49 pm pst] is the biggest most lit up aspect of the day–SUN, lighting up SATURN, our structures and systems. Yes its time to see everything clearly and build it all anew.

2019 is the year of the FEMALE EARTH PIG
, coming February 5th on the Chinese New Year. The Female Earth Pig is abundant, happy and playful! She gets into the dirt, hands in the earth, in the mud of things and plays. After the muddy play is over–we have a new world on its way, sometimes when you have a problem–you just need to take everything off and go jump in the mud to play, maybe when you come out covered in earth, you’ll see things differently and have a solution. This is the Earth Pig Wisdom of 2019!
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