December 26, 2018 – Into the New Energy – Radically Dissolving the old

This time is extremely transitional and slowly brick by brick setting the new tracks for the year ahead. If we are not supposed to be somewhere into the new year: we are being let know; where changes are needed are made clear! The old is fading away as the new world peeks through us!

MOON TRINES URANUS [7:37 am pst/ 8:37 am mst/ 9:37 am cst/ 10:37 am est] for a sparkling awakening to the new this morning!

MOON enters earthy detailed Virgo – [9:50 am pst/ 10:50 am mst/ 11:50 am cst/ 12:50 pm est] great time for the details of planning the year ahead. It’s the time to consider our step by step little desires to grow in our garden.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:33 pm pst/ 7:33 pm mst / 8:33 pm cst/ 9:33 pm est] is a harmonious meeting of receptive and active light. Reflective and growth-oriented we grow toward the light!

. . . .

Authors Note: We are starting a new tradition at GRR Inc. & ! To honor the new era and gentle changes toward a more balanced earth—we are giving gifts every day between the Dec 26th and Jan. 1.

The free gift today is: “SMOOTH STOMACHE/MUSCLE EASE & EMERGENCY STEP 1 POWDER”: this is a recipe for a powder that you can put in a jar; prepare for yourself, family and animals!

Ingredients: 1. Aluminum-Free Baking Soda / (Food Grade Baking Soda): 2. Food Grade Peppermint Oil

Instructions: nearly fill small jar or half fill mason jar : with baking soda: add twenty two drops of peppermint oil. Shake upside down, twirl and love the concoction together!

For Indigestion or other issues: one teaspoon in a glass of fresh or spring water (no tap-water-ever!): for indigestion; upset stomach; acid stomach, foot, mouth, gum, or finger infections of many kinds.

Warning Note: If this causes anything but soothing to any condition: 1: 1. add a soothing oil : like coconut; 2. Contact your “inner healer” for guidance; 3. Contact your nearest trusted neighborhood healer; In case of Emergency call 911 and read psalm 91.1.

THE GIFT : To receive a free PDF of this recipe with details on ingredients, CLICK HERE !

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Legal Notice: by following the advice in this blog; you accept self responsibility, and “The Secrets of self healing,” within you! You take full responsibility for feeling better and healing. Consume and apply under your own guidance, risk, and self-monitoring-intelligence. Recipe Only for your self-care!

December 25, 2018 – Christmas in the Crossing of Era’s

MOON in Leo, the Lion–the sign of the SUN, now in the dark mysterious under-soil part of its season–in the Northern Hemisphere.

Leo loves a good party, so even as the old empire crumbles, messy and sick, meanwhile a new era, new rituals, new ways, new everything, waits, under the surface for some of us to hear see and unfold it like seeds in the soil of earth, waiting for the earth-shepherds to wake up from deep slumber!

MOON TRINE JUPITER  [1:44 am pst/ 2:44 am mst/ 3:44 am cst/ 4:44 am est] offers the expanded generous heart, that fire signs are so good with, every one of us has the Leo-Sagittarius-Aries trine in our being, and this Christmas–we’re expanding, in our ability to hold and uplift the “others” around us. We may have some good ideas for the future, as if maybe we are hearing these seeds jumping under our surface.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [9:06 am pst/ 10:06 am mst/ 11:06 am cst/ 12:06 am est]  is a big big communications intimacy–wonderful for a seasonal holy days sacred time season. Our words can be tender, supportive, emotionally full and rich with the fabric of human experience lived through a being.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [1:37 pm pst/ 2:37 pm mst/ 3:37 pm cst/ 4:37 pm est] . . . its not what we might have envisioned–the sacred time–perhaps we might have had a warmer year, more abundance, more family around, a different circumstance, whatever the “rub,” the heart-touch-may-be-perceived as “good,” or “bad,” doesn’t matter as much as this is “heart work,” for each of us! Our hearts are working in these sacred days–listening and balancing the light and dark within us–as we wander in the dark under-period of mysteries and rebirths, seedlings calling for our unseen but consistent attention.

Tomorrow MOON enters Virgojust in time to clean up after the party and after Leo’s child-fun-mess. We need both the season of party and mess and the season of cleanup–here we go tomorrow into the season of clean up after the party. It is also the season of “new years resolutions,” in the practical sense–not just the verbal, shared flowery sense, but the real-laying-the-tracks-kinda-way-sense. We are preparing for the sun to rise, lifting up our thoughts and inner secret dreams, into fruition. This is a time to till and plant our inner gardens with care. May the fire to earth–alchemy of Christmas this year–bring magnificent and magical christ-blessed holy manifestations at Summer Solstice–the fruition time for all–for our SUN.

This last year was hard, even on the elves! However as in all spiritual
teachings, there is often a deep dark before there can then be a high light.  2018 gave us all an opportunity to “dig deep,” so we can in 2019 stretch in other directions.

. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: GIFTS for you, for your year ahead.  In the secret star elf cave, presents and little maps that are your’s are being prepared for you. If I have given you a reading in the last few years–I have your birth-data–and will be preparing a map for you! (this is planned–last year astrologers plans were interrupted)–this year we foresee a better manifestation free of interference or interruption. This is a mysterious and creative time for all. May we honor the cave–creative-time-within that prepares us for our smooth enlivened loved year ahead.

Author is Without much internet, staying at a secret hidden temporary location–in Santa Fe. This time of year, I’ve been jumping from the little cave to the Santa Fe holy day festivities–a town I’ve loved for 30 years. Amazing. I’m preparing to move to another side of the world. The experiences (especially most recently) in the southwest, have us moving EAST and NORTH. I remember a long long time ago, I kept hearing, move north, move north. So We are now moving north. With the wolf pack–we go where there are offers, and it appears it may be a transition that can be welcoming and easeful. There is a lot of planning involved, It looks like I’ll be going on a scout trip to set up enclosures and check and prepare land. (two spots) for two parts of a pack of Mackenzies!

. . . . .
New Mexico Mackenzie tribe (special wolf dog family)–still eats every day–a lot–as they are growing beings–amazing–come visit–some day–we will prepare for your visit at our next location. To contribute to feeding animals the day after Christmas–Please CLICK HERE:  / or
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To send checks to the new location’s fence building and expenses you can mail here: PO BOX 22002, Santa Fe, NM 87502
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To contribute to the next year’s food sustainability for the Mackenzie wolf pack of love, CLICK HERE to set up monthly contributions ($5 per month helps a lot!) Joined together, we do amazing things, for animals, for people, for our planet. We can build the world we all imagine and love.

December 21, 2018 – WINTER SOLSTICE, FULL MOON, Ursids Meteors, Plant Seeds New Solar Year!

MOON in winged Gemini SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces [5:58 am pst/ 6:58 am mst/ 7:58 cst/ 8:58 est] offers personal to divine work. We have work in the crossing places, to connect, make clear intention, in service to divine clarity in response at the most powerful creation times on earth. This work of creation requires our heart-felt focus. What does the map in our heart tell us about the year ahead? As the energy comes to the bottom point, the cosmos is a hole in its own fertile soil of next year.

Any thought is automatically entered into the ground of our future. May we be conscious and sacred about each invisible voice. 

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE [9:11 am pst/ 10:11 am mst/ 11:11 am cst/ 12:11 pm est] is a creative place, like a tilled prepared garden bed, or an empty stage with an hour of time to tell a story, or a 360 day calendar year–a blank slate to paint upon. What is in your palette this year? 

MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER [9:37 am pst/ 10:37 am mst/ 11:37 am cst/ 12:27 pm est] is a symbol for the power of our words today. our words–in thought and especially as we SPEAK, echo through the worlds we inhabit like prayer-wheels today. May we be vigilant so our thoughts are candles on the pathways of our hearts–lighting up the year ahead with focus and clarity.

SUN ENTERS CAPRICORN – WINTER SOLSTICE POINT – [2:23 pm pst/ 3:23 pm mst/ 4:23 pm cst/ 5:23 pm est] for the most contracted seed point, the “darkest,” most fertile point of the year, under the feet of our world being today.

December 20, 2018 – Entering Sacred Time

MOON enters Gemini (wings and flight), from the four legged earth [6:34 am pst/ 7:34 am mst/ 8:34 am cst/ 9:34 am est] just as we are lifting our frequencies toward a sacred doorway in our lives. This opening, we enter, at the threshold of the new solar year, is heralded by angels, wings, trump-ets, and the fan-fare of a new era, still talking its way into existence.

the SUN, entering its sacred temple of renewal, TRINES the master of ceremonies for the invisible world–URANUS. [8:22 am pst/ 9:22 am mst/ 10:22 am cst/ 11:22 am est] This magical link is like an elevator to our imaginal world. We are responsible for what we plant in the garden of our life, in this crossing. We enter the crossing of the year. The windows and door are open, the seed-bed is ready. Stars are shining toward the new era.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY [9:41 pm pst/ 10:41 pm mst/ 11:41 pm cst/ 12:41 am late night est] is a peak in the experience of the mouth. This polarized place lights up with the power of our thoughts and words. They are at full power at this time. May we speak, write and imagine, that which is coming into being as the year unfurls anew.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [10:35 pm pst/ 11:35 pm mst/ 12:35 am cst/ 1:35 am est] is a charged manifestation power expanding our mind, there are far-reaching consequences to our thoughts in this window–may we be prayerful, honoring and the arrow of our dreams, aligned with words and intention.

The MOON is rising, in its most creative, social light, as the solar year wanes into the crossing time–one of the four sacred holy days of our SUN, the place where the light that grows us, comes from !  May you hold sacred space for yourself and those around you while we enter the sacred ritual days of our solar crossing.

. . . . .
A Gift for you:  a Free Mystery School. This is a refinement on the “women’s mastermind,” opening itself a little wider. You are invited, please invite your friends–its going to be an exciting year that is creating the new era as we go–the potentials are reaching into quantum areas.

FIRST Free Mystery School call is on WINTER SOLSTICE, Dec. 21 [9 am pst/ 10 am mst/ 11 am cst/ 12 noon est] call in: 712-775-7031, Code: 5933

December 19, 2018 – Healing Corner ; Sun cycle Bottom

MOON in Taurus SEXTILE NEPTUNE [2:33 am pst/ 3:33 am mst / 4:33 am cst / 5:33 am est] is a fluid energy of “go with the flow” as the river of the year comes to its most little point of light.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [1:40 pm mst/ 2:40 pm mst/ 3:40 pm cst/ 4:40 pm est] is a sweet gentle cathartic thrust – end of the year – end of the old, transitioning to the new.

SUN SQUARE CHIRON [2:02 pm pst/ 3:02 pm mst / 4:02 pm cst/ 5:02 pm est] is a corner – with the sun nearly at its darkest point in its seasonal cycle, there’s less light ; as the memories of the past can also empty. This corner may be painful as we acknowledge the things we need to let go of and the things that may have hurt us in the past. It’s the final outbreath of things of the old year!

MOON SEXTILE MARS [4:41 pm pst/ 5:41 pm mst/ 6:41 pm cst / 7:41 pm est] is an activation toward movement, dancing and stretching the spaces in our bodies to stretch out the tired places.

MOON is waxing ; getting brighter ; heading toward an alchemical paradox of a full moon during the darkest point of the year. In this way we light up the garden deep inside where new seeds for the new year are planted in the dark quiet inner garden of our lives.

Blessings in the closing of the energetic solar year!