December 31, 2018 – End of the Euro-Greco-made-up-Calendar- (ten days after solar new year in actual cycle) Happy New Year Anyway!

SUN SEXTILE MOON [11:46 am pst/ 12:46 pm mst / 1:26 pm cst/ 2:26 pm est] its end of bottom of year lunar cycle—now unwinding is into quiet introspective bath-taking time.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:09 pm pst/ 3:09 pm mst / 4:09 pm cst / 5:09 pm est] is a grounding gardening aspect. Gardens of all kinds, even “soil-less ones” love aspects like today. May we all be divine garden tenders for our own lives and the lives of others.

MARS enters solar-seasonally-based-western-wheel-zodiacal Aries just in time for the Gregorian Calendar’s NEW YEARS EVE DAY! Mars entering its home sign feels good to the elemental motivator and driver of Fire energy. Fire energy fir the new leaders, new beginnings, and new starts that are “of a new era,” and of a renewed time—with help of divine.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [7 pm pst / 8 pm mst/ 9 pm cst / 10 pm est] offers the fluid energy needed to flow through endings and beginnings in a “go with the flow” kinda way.

In the end of this lunar cycle—dark time of solar year: its meditation time. The new moon coming is an eclipse – solar new moon- potentially volatile uneasy time when forces swing like a pendulum to the extremes and edges.

These can be times of life/death feelings for those who feel: (Eclipse Times) and can be life/death changing portals of experience for each one uniquely. If you’ve been really wanting change in an area: change is here. Capricorn new moon is all about the bones, the basic, the core, the simple. Step by step. Handling the volatile nature of this portal we gather our kali sword clear intuition: sharpen it in meditation so that we can be a source of solid love intelligence during high change or high stress or ‘extremes’ times.

Tomorrow: NEW YEARS DAY:

MOON touches both VENUS and PLUTO while THE SUN is CONJUNCT SATURN! These aspects are all appropriate to endings and beginnings! Happy New Seed Planting for this fruiting fruition ahead, Happy New Era; happy collapse of the old ; happy seeding & birth of the new !

. . .

Authors Note: Yayyyyy happy new year! I can still hear myself at twelve outside banging pots n pans to Hong the new year in! This spirit of celebrating the new year is sweet like consciousness candy!

Lots o changes: Star Weather Whale and GRR Inc. are moving to the EAST COAST! Details coming soon.

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