December 29, 2018 – Hermits Cave

SUN SQUARE the waning MOON – [1:34 am pst / 2:34 am mst/ 3:34 am cst/ 4:34 am est] bringing the transition point to the dark waning last quarter before a new moon solar eclipse! FREE GIFT TODAY : is an info sheet on eclipses in 2019!

We’re entering a deeper portal of change; shifting; again due to eclipses in January!

MOON SQUARE SATURN [7:41 am pst/ 8:41 am / 9:41 am cst/ 10:41 am est] is a corner of responsibility and discipline. Time to be “on track,” even though it’s a Saturday!

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [8 am pst/ 9 am mst/ 10 am cst/ 11 am est] expands us so much all in the morning! The energy steps down toward rest and quiet: meanwhile we expand our consciousness!

Though we’ve crossed the “darkest day,” we’re still in the hermits cave of our time of the darker days. May we take meditation time.

. . .

Authors Note:

Gifts abound over here with the star Weather Whale elves! Happy crossing (of not only years but eras! (Like crossing seas!) Stay tuned for how to download free gifts as we tech-vestigate.

Or email me : to receive now. (If you emailed me already: you’re on the list!) love from all of us as we cross. May we cross thresholds and eras together this year!

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