December 27, 2018 – In the Crossing, . . .

Characteristically–its often ‘not easiest to see’ around or in front of us–at this time of year.

Often there are unseen variables, both unknown, as well as the flexibility (or not) of others.

This is the underground “percolation time,” for the year ahead. May your gathering of little lights, make beautiful roses, opening flowers, co-created with the divine–the kind you “know,” but cannot see.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER – [3:48 am pst/ 4:48 am mst/ 5:48 am cst/ 6:48 am est] Virgo to Sagittarius May be a stretch into cleaning and rearranging ourselves and our inhabitable spaces for (and with others)!

MOON TRINE SATURN [3:51 pm pst/ 4:51 pm mst/ 5:51 pm cst/ 6:51 pm est] is a grounding homing aspect. Instead of hung devices the star map gives us homing aspects!  Aspects that help us ground our home-life-like-this-at-this-time-of-year-are-nice!! Step, by step! . . .what shall we build this year? Step-by-step, where are we “not,” that we know we will “go,” this year? This is the time to set clear intention, and as Carolyn Casey might say: “Lay the tracks for the reality train to follow,” its SATURN’s time of year.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [8;09 am pst/ 9:09 am mst/ 10:09 am cst/ 11:09 am est] is a careful step by step walk into the unknown that happens during this changing era.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [4:04 pm pst/ 5:04 pm mst/ 6:04 pm cst/ 7:04 pm est] is a communications square. Oooooh la grumpy humans are possible! Handle all mouths and minds with care and extra meditation.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [6:51 pm pst/ 7:51 pm mst/ 8:51 pm cst/ 9:51 pm est] offers a sweet energy support —feminine in nature.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [8:04 pm pst/ 9:04 pm mst/ 10:04 pm cst/ 10:04 pm est] is an aspect of power! It’s still death n rebirth time in the crossing of the year! It’s still seed planting time;uprooting old ways; seeding new life, new ways, new expressions of community!

Free Gift today as part of a new tradition of gifting from dec. 26- Jan 4! In the crossing of the year! Little lights for the dark, mysterious–crossing time.
FREE little essays on the three mercury retrogrades of the season, and a little map of the year of mercury.

Author’s Note: Forgive me: I’m having tech difficulties today! The FREE GIFT is a PDF of MERCURY’s retrogrades this year and the way to be with the planetary cycle with wisdom and connection to the natural process and rythm of this time. When honored–Mercury Retrograde cycles are deeply healing, and resurrective of the right things. If we ignore the process–it may “bite us in the ass, as some say,” This little essay, and time tables–will assist you with planning for 2019! With Love in the crossing time, from Star Weather Whale. –I’ll keep upgrading my ways of sharing these things. For now–find me and let me know you want the gift and I’ll send it to you. Tomorrow I hope to have an easy way for you to download it!