December 26, 2018 – Into the New Energy – Radically Dissolving the old

This time is extremely transitional and slowly brick by brick setting the new tracks for the year ahead. If we are not supposed to be somewhere into the new year: we are being let know; where changes are needed are made clear! The old is fading away as the new world peeks through us!

MOON TRINES URANUS [7:37 am pst/ 8:37 am mst/ 9:37 am cst/ 10:37 am est] for a sparkling awakening to the new this morning!

MOON enters earthy detailed Virgo – [9:50 am pst/ 10:50 am mst/ 11:50 am cst/ 12:50 pm est] great time for the details of planning the year ahead. It’s the time to consider our step by step little desires to grow in our garden.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:33 pm pst/ 7:33 pm mst / 8:33 pm cst/ 9:33 pm est] is a harmonious meeting of receptive and active light. Reflective and growth-oriented we grow toward the light!

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Authors Note: We are starting a new tradition at GRR Inc. & ! To honor the new era and gentle changes toward a more balanced earth—we are giving gifts every day between the Dec 26th and Jan. 1.

The free gift today is: “SMOOTH STOMACHE/MUSCLE EASE & EMERGENCY STEP 1 POWDER”: this is a recipe for a powder that you can put in a jar; prepare for yourself, family and animals!

Ingredients: 1. Aluminum-Free Baking Soda / (Food Grade Baking Soda): 2. Food Grade Peppermint Oil

Instructions: nearly fill small jar or half fill mason jar : with baking soda: add twenty two drops of peppermint oil. Shake upside down, twirl and love the concoction together!

For Indigestion or other issues: one teaspoon in a glass of fresh or spring water (no tap-water-ever!): for indigestion; upset stomach; acid stomach, foot, mouth, gum, or finger infections of many kinds.

Warning Note: If this causes anything but soothing to any condition: 1: 1. add a soothing oil : like coconut; 2. Contact your “inner healer” for guidance; 3. Contact your nearest trusted neighborhood healer; In case of Emergency call 911 and read psalm 91.1.

THE GIFT : To receive a free PDF of this recipe with details on ingredients, CLICK HERE !

To order Food Grade peppermint from GRR Inc. ; send your phone number and best time to ask/answer Natural Effective Medicine questions &/ or place order: to: with GRR medicine in the subject!

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Legal Notice: by following the advice in this blog; you accept self responsibility, and “The Secrets of self healing,” within you! You take full responsibility for feeling better and healing. Consume and apply under your own guidance, risk, and self-monitoring-intelligence. Recipe Only for your self-care!