December 25, 2018 – Christmas in the Crossing of Era’s

MOON in Leo, the Lion–the sign of the SUN, now in the dark mysterious under-soil part of its season–in the Northern Hemisphere.

Leo loves a good party, so even as the old empire crumbles, messy and sick, meanwhile a new era, new rituals, new ways, new everything, waits, under the surface for some of us to hear see and unfold it like seeds in the soil of earth, waiting for the earth-shepherds to wake up from deep slumber!

MOON TRINE JUPITER  [1:44 am pst/ 2:44 am mst/ 3:44 am cst/ 4:44 am est] offers the expanded generous heart, that fire signs are so good with, every one of us has the Leo-Sagittarius-Aries trine in our being, and this Christmas–we’re expanding, in our ability to hold and uplift the “others” around us. We may have some good ideas for the future, as if maybe we are hearing these seeds jumping under our surface.

MOON TRINE MERCURY [9:06 am pst/ 10:06 am mst/ 11:06 am cst/ 12:06 am est]  is a big big communications intimacy–wonderful for a seasonal holy days sacred time season. Our words can be tender, supportive, emotionally full and rich with the fabric of human experience lived through a being.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [1:37 pm pst/ 2:37 pm mst/ 3:37 pm cst/ 4:37 pm est] . . . its not what we might have envisioned–the sacred time–perhaps we might have had a warmer year, more abundance, more family around, a different circumstance, whatever the “rub,” the heart-touch-may-be-perceived as “good,” or “bad,” doesn’t matter as much as this is “heart work,” for each of us! Our hearts are working in these sacred days–listening and balancing the light and dark within us–as we wander in the dark under-period of mysteries and rebirths, seedlings calling for our unseen but consistent attention.

Tomorrow MOON enters Virgojust in time to clean up after the party and after Leo’s child-fun-mess. We need both the season of party and mess and the season of cleanup–here we go tomorrow into the season of clean up after the party. It is also the season of “new years resolutions,” in the practical sense–not just the verbal, shared flowery sense, but the real-laying-the-tracks-kinda-way-sense. We are preparing for the sun to rise, lifting up our thoughts and inner secret dreams, into fruition. This is a time to till and plant our inner gardens with care. May the fire to earth–alchemy of Christmas this year–bring magnificent and magical christ-blessed holy manifestations at Summer Solstice–the fruition time for all–for our SUN.

This last year was hard, even on the elves! However as in all spiritual
teachings, there is often a deep dark before there can then be a high light.  2018 gave us all an opportunity to “dig deep,” so we can in 2019 stretch in other directions.

. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: GIFTS for you, for your year ahead.  In the secret star elf cave, presents and little maps that are your’s are being prepared for you. If I have given you a reading in the last few years–I have your birth-data–and will be preparing a map for you! (this is planned–last year astrologers plans were interrupted)–this year we foresee a better manifestation free of interference or interruption. This is a mysterious and creative time for all. May we honor the cave–creative-time-within that prepares us for our smooth enlivened loved year ahead.

Author is Without much internet, staying at a secret hidden temporary location–in Santa Fe. This time of year, I’ve been jumping from the little cave to the Santa Fe holy day festivities–a town I’ve loved for 30 years. Amazing. I’m preparing to move to another side of the world. The experiences (especially most recently) in the southwest, have us moving EAST and NORTH. I remember a long long time ago, I kept hearing, move north, move north. So We are now moving north. With the wolf pack–we go where there are offers, and it appears it may be a transition that can be welcoming and easeful. There is a lot of planning involved, It looks like I’ll be going on a scout trip to set up enclosures and check and prepare land. (two spots) for two parts of a pack of Mackenzies!

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New Mexico Mackenzie tribe (special wolf dog family)–still eats every day–a lot–as they are growing beings–amazing–come visit–some day–we will prepare for your visit at our next location. To contribute to feeding animals the day after Christmas–Please CLICK HERE:  / or
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To send checks to the new location’s fence building and expenses you can mail here: PO BOX 22002, Santa Fe, NM 87502
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