December 21, 2018 – WINTER SOLSTICE, FULL MOON, Ursids Meteors, Plant Seeds New Solar Year!

MOON in winged Gemini SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces [5:58 am pst/ 6:58 am mst/ 7:58 cst/ 8:58 est] offers personal to divine work. We have work in the crossing places, to connect, make clear intention, in service to divine clarity in response at the most powerful creation times on earth. This work of creation requires our heart-felt focus. What does the map in our heart tell us about the year ahead? As the energy comes to the bottom point, the cosmos is a hole in its own fertile soil of next year.

Any thought is automatically entered into the ground of our future. May we be conscious and sacred about each invisible voice. 

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE [9:11 am pst/ 10:11 am mst/ 11:11 am cst/ 12:11 pm est] is a creative place, like a tilled prepared garden bed, or an empty stage with an hour of time to tell a story, or a 360 day calendar year–a blank slate to paint upon. What is in your palette this year? 

MERCURY CONJUNCT JUPITER [9:37 am pst/ 10:37 am mst/ 11:37 am cst/ 12:27 pm est] is a symbol for the power of our words today. our words–in thought and especially as we SPEAK, echo through the worlds we inhabit like prayer-wheels today. May we be vigilant so our thoughts are candles on the pathways of our hearts–lighting up the year ahead with focus and clarity.

SUN ENTERS CAPRICORN – WINTER SOLSTICE POINT – [2:23 pm pst/ 3:23 pm mst/ 4:23 pm cst/ 5:23 pm est] for the most contracted seed point, the “darkest,” most fertile point of the year, under the feet of our world being today.