December 12, 2018 – Sweet Soft End of Year Harmony

Nine days until the WINTER SOLSTICE POINT. solar energy coming down down down to the darkest darkest point. Within we feel the energy of our solar nature, waning, tend to the self, nurture, nutrition, clearing any illness that tries to come into the low points. Filling with alkalizing, releasing, salt baths, nutrition that scares the sickie boogies away.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [9:36 am pst/ 10:36 am mst/ 11:36 am cst/ 12:36 pm est] is a harmony between the two lights. As MOON waxes, in mid-winter, SUN wanes, and the two support one another. The MOON holds the secret new seeds, as the solar light of creation continues to wind down to silent renewal.

MERCURY enters Sagittarius, leaving the retrograde lessons, pains and depths behind, moving forward, heading for the deep mysterious days of the pre-solar-new-year. Mysteries abound in the dark time of year.