December 11, 2018 – oooombpa the organic but awkward work of evolution

10 days until WINTER SOLSTICE (new solar year). The solar energy comes down, emptying itself of the old year.

MOON in communiquarius SQUARE VENUS┬áin deep cathartic Scorpio–emotional deepest one [3:01 am pst/ 4:01 am mst/ 5:01 am cst/ 6:01 am est]

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [3:38 am pst/ 4:38 am mst/ 5:38 am cst/ 6:38 am est] is potentially a communication from the unknown or with the invisible world behind the veil. Uranus is in touch with this other side, and MERCURY very in touch with this side.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [6:33 am pst/ 7:33 am mst/ 8:33 am cst/ 9:33 am est] is more expansion into the community of our future, either in our dreams, or in waking state. Community calls us, to expand into its presence, and its wisdom. Can you hear your future community calling?

Last day of MERCURY in Scorpio–unfolding from the retro-back-to-deep-water-for clearing-old-emotional-stuff–how passing for more clearing, the deepest depths of emotional pain may release now. Moving higher. . . . from the scorpio realm: deep mind, cathartic mind, emotional mind, heading for heart-light-mind-tomorrow.