December 10, 2018 – Eleven Days from the Solstice – Home Shift

Today is 11 Days before the WINTER SOLSTICE, is a count-down to the SOLAR NEW YEAR. This is the very darkest cleansing, resting, transforming time of the solar year. Our solar, expressive, egoic (personality) social self, radiating light, is low in energy, low in life-force, and ready to “let go,” of all that was “holding on,” from the year before, to ease-fully embody the new life coming. 11 Days from now, we have the NEW SUN POINT of WINTER SOLSTICE.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [12:38 pm pst/ 1:38 pm mst/ 2:38 pm cst/ 3:38 pm est] is a sweet early afternoon communications support on a Monday, as there is a potentially wide or jolty SQUARE along with it.

URANUS SQUARE MOON [1:27 pm pst/ 2:27 pm mst/ 3:27 pm cst/ 4:27 pm est] might be a bit of a “jolt,” from the freedom-loving Uranus, to our intimate homey moon–MOON into the VOID here.

This VOID is about 2 hours. MOON leaves the VOID and enters Aquarius. [3:39 pm pst/ 4:39 pm mst/ 5:39 pm cst/ 6:39 pm est] to bring about community within us,The universe is always working us toward what is best for us, and toward the next highest evolutionary point. Community and the Aquarian energies are guiding us into our future, so this next two days may be magnetizing within us the self of community, ourselves moving into the community of our future–whether we know them or see them or not, we are moving toward our new world community. This is a great day to plant the seeds of new community, the seeds of YOUR community to come.

This MOON heads for a square with VENUS–work with the feminine, a corner of work. tomorrow morning.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note: Today is a travel day for me. Heading to visit my mom! Readings will re-convene on Wednesday, onward through the dark of the year! To schedule readings: e-mail Details we can follow.

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