December 7, 2018 – HAPPY NEW MOON – In End of Year; Mercury Direct, Mars-Neptune-Activation

HAPPY NEW MOON in Sagittarius–in the end of the year. This New Moon is one in which we can each make a commitment, within our mind, to practice our own personal mental refinement skills. Our mind is capable of taking our emotional body through many areas. Words can bring us to grief, fear or inspiration, from within, or from others, and our mind is often trained to take things “down.” Victimhood, and all the trappings of it are ingrained in us. To rise above this victim-programmed-state, this new moon would ask us to begin a new practice of focus, meditation and the uplifted listening to our heart for higher vibes than our mind could ever offer.

MERCURY DIRECT [yesterday] is slowly, slowly moving the forward direction. Keys travelled dimensions, and lost things circled around, and now today, the circling, can settle into something we are more familiar with in “linear,” 3-D: mentally forward motion. (more letting go of the past)–coming into present and future time.

MARS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [6:11 am pst/ 7:11 am mst/ 8:11 am cst/ 9:11 am est] is a BIG ASPECT! This is a great day for meditation, intentions, & actions that take place within, and psychic clearing, mental protection and physical core care. . . . .in all my observing of energy–never are there “weirder energies,” than when mars and neptune come together. “the psychic invisible world,” is not well-understood or mastered by many of us in, especially “United States of America,” were not supported with psychic skills, therefore when odd things happen, we don’t always have the skills or tools to understand or be skillful. The best way to be skillful in a MARS-NEPTUNE dynamic is to be actively using psychic clearing, and meditation techniques that we have used well before. This is the day to activate and utilize our inner guidance and inner action systems. May we inner meditatively guide ourselves well through the fog and swamp of the thoughts and psyche’s of all human beings. Our own ability to “maneuver,” and move within this psychic swamp might be tested, called forth, or -re-invited today.

May we clear the murky waters of human thought, with clarifying new moon light, intention and soft quiet resonance with divine sharings.
. . . . .

Author’s Note: It is the birthday today of the wolf-papa: Darrein. (he has a special connection to “bees” and they are a deep part of our wolf journey (the bees)–in fact wolves protect bee hives from bears!

Dr D is a soft-hearted, free-energy-loving man who has donated most of his life over the last five years, to a wolf pack. He cleans up after them and feeds them every day!  I’ve put a day together for him, with a hot-springs soak, a massage and a meal. If you would like show your support of one of the most devoted animal care-takers–please CLICK HERE to contribute to his Birthday being a sweet one! (he’s worked really hard over these last five years!)

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