November 22, 2018 – FULL MOON in Gemini – Manifestation Portal of 11-22

This is another powerful “portal day,” of energy, and shifting.
LIke 11-11, this day is also alchemical, revealing a time of manifestation along with this FULL MOON of manifesting each lunar cycle at its peak. This is the peak of this dark of winter lunar cycle. The lunar energy is bright while the solar energy is low–heading for the darkest point of the solar year in a month.

SUN enters Sagittarius from Scorpio [1:01 am pdt/ 2:01 am mdt/ 3:01 am cdt/ 4:01 am edt]  lifting the energy from focused concentrated water to uplifted world-travelling fire.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [1:58 am pdt/ 2:58 am mdt/ 3:58 am cdt/ 4:58 am edt] is a friendly aspect with our own power. May we be receptive to this portal day–what divine energy or gift or power is being given?

MOON enters Gemini(sign of the FULL MOON coming) [8:10 pm pdt/ 9:10 pm mdt/ 10:10 pm cdt/ 11:10 pm edt] bringing in a lighter heart and warmer fire of family and community.

MOON OPPOSITE SUN (FULL MOON) exact at [9:39 pm pdt/ 10:39 pm mdt/ 11:39 pm cdt/ 12:39 am late night edt]. This FULL MOON 11-22 magic portal day is a day to celebrate. Whatever is manifesting–is from the higher realms–there are gifts to be received, and human ingenuity to be shared.
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November 19, 2018 – Fire Movement, Expansion, Lifting Up of energy – Testing is Possible

MOON is in fire beginnings–Aries–TRINE MERCURY [8:26 am pdt/ 9:26 am mdt/ 10:26 am cdt/ 11:26 am edt] inviting our intelligence in circles. What do we need to restart? remember? What is important to redo? Is there an old project that its time to dig up and rejuvenate?

MARS SQUARE JUPITER [5:30 pm pdt/ 6:30 pm mdt/ 7:30 pm cdt/ 8:30 pm edt] offers a corner of action and growth. This is a stretch like a gymnast of soul.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [8:21 pm pdt/ 9:21 pm mdt/ 10:21 pm cdt/ 11:21 pm edt] is an intense challenge, test or hurdle of soulfulness. This might be a personal moment–touching something painful or real–when we reach through this pain to the spirit worlds is the work called for here. How can we see “through the veil,” more accurately?

This is a furthering time of mystery and power. May we surf it with reverence and respect for all the underpinnings of this world that we may or may not understand fully–worth our respect.

November 18, 2018 – Expansion May Require New Forms

SUN TRINE MOON [12:04 am pdt/ 1:04 am mdt/ 2:04 am cdt/ 3:04 am edt] This Scorpio Sun Trine Moon in Pisces is a beautiful powerful link between waters early in the morning, before a fiery afternoon!

MOON goes void between Pisces and Aries just after that aspect. departing the VOID as it enters Aries. 

MOON enters Aries [7:56 am pdt/ 8:56 am mdt/ 9:56 am cdt/ 10:56 am edt] and heads for another TRINE immediately.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [12:18 pm pdt/ 1:18 pm mdt/ 2:18 pm cdt/ 3:18 pm edt] fire to fire. This is a creative and spiritual expansion. There’s good luck and faith here. Leaps of faith can be welcomed. Faith Healing is also available.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [8:30 pm pdt/ 9:30 pm mdt/ 10:30 pm cdt/ 11:30 pm edt] offers a late night feeling of tired, as the ego-mind may be overloaded by miracles or things beyond our “expectations,” they can be “horrors,” or “miracles,” however we perceive them. Remembering this is a time of miracles. We can intend them and have them. Sometimes there’s some work involved in miracle-making. And sometimes we need more sleep! (especially in the low end of the solar year!) – (the valley of the sun).

Author’s Note: I hope to make it to a special gathering for the crossing of my indigenous friend Shanadii. This is a powerful weekend. I bow from my heart to this incredible soul and spiritual teacher and guide. She was amazing and wonderful. I’ll always remember her. Blessings to all of you who have lost close ones recently.

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November 17, 2018 – Sweet Powerful Weekend

The MOON is still in sweet Pisces this Saturday morning. MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE in this giant ocean of a home sign. pre-dawn. [12:07 am pdt/ 1:07 am mdt/ 2:07 am cdt/ 3:07 am edt]

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [11:10 am pdt/ 12:10 pm mdt/ 1:10 pm cdt/ 2:10 pm edt] is a power-link. We are finding wings, power, butterflies, death is not what it appears to be, and all kinds of other life and death wisdoms from beyond the veils.

This is a mysterious and powerful time. Not too many aspects today, however the MOON grows toward FULL on the 11-22 PORTAL, (next in line after 11-11-11 portal)–the 11-22 is a manifestation portal. It is an 8 numerologically. Call in your highest intent, and visualize as you would have it. This FULL MOON of manifestation is coming.
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Author’s Note:
We’ll be in the midst of the Magnolia search party this weekend, as well as working intently on the new location and the reclamation of Pack One. Please send prayers, and light vigil candles for our wolf tribe and ark, carrying them into the future, safely. Readings are delayed until Monday. CLICK HERE to Schedule a Reading for next week! 

Donations to assist us in building this ark for one part red wolf dog species and genetics is underway–we support you in saving wildlife as you support us in preserving this species. Donations today help feed pack one and search for lost little Magnolia: Thank You! DONATIONS HERE (any amount is helpful!) 


MOON is in Pisces today–a day in the realms of compassion, and the heart, wisdom and our elders, both human and spiritual.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [12:10 am pdt/ 1:10 am mdt/ 2:10 am cdt/ 3:10 am edt] pre-dawn expanding before we even wake up.

VENUS STATIONS to go DIRECT at [2:51 am pdt/ 3:51 am mdt/ 4:51 am cdt/ 5:51 am edt] creating a wave of change that is related to our heart’s journey. We’ve been on an inward journey, this is a shift in her focus, from inward to returning more outward again. She’s moving back to her forward motion from a re-arranging-time, even if hesitantly, slowly, with grace. 

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [9:27 am pdt/ 10:27 am mdt/ 11:27 am cdt/ 12:27 pm edt] is a stabilizing grounding aspect amidst the chango-direction-goings-on.

MERCURY STATIONS to GO RETROGRADE [5:33 pm pdt/ 6:33 pm mdt/ 7:33 pm cdt/ 8:33 pm edt] and we enter “mystical time,” or circular time. This is also alchemical time, as mercury retrograde reminds us that we are living with influences from beyond this veil and even from beyond this time space–there are often crossings between worlds, or across the veil–back and forth. May we honor the circles in our lives. and the crossing of veils.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [11:41 pm pdt/ 12:41 am late night mdt/ 1:41 am late night cdt/ 2:41 am late night edt] might be a late night test of faith or need for action beyond our expectations. Its ok to change your mind–your mind is changing.
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Author’s Note: Because of where we are in our wolf project, I have pre-written these days, and there is so much going on–I wanted you to for sure have these days in advance! I’ll be out looking for Magnolia and working on retrieving Pack One.All Donations appreciated!