November 28, 2018 – Venus to Chiron with the Gentle Sun in Leo

The feminine within is healing, even if awkward, or sideways or unable to fully integrate, healing is taking place. VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON [4:03 am pst/ 5:03 am mst/ 6:03 am cst/ 7:03 est] is the main aspect today. It is the provoker of the feminine healing.

The sun is gentle at the very end of its solar year. Its winding down. The SUN in Leo is its home territory. Returning home in a gentle way. This can be a gentle healing day. We may not have expected gentle or healing, and that is possible.

Author’s Note: There is a wolf meeting all day tomorrow that I’ll be attending. Readings will be available, starting next week and possibly this weekend. Readings are by donation–in these times. The meeting on wolves is looking into and discussing the possibility of releasing wolves into Colorado and the Western United States. Our organization and mission takes a strong stand for the re-release, protection and allocated areas for wolf packs in the wild and in their natural state. We also shepherd one genetic line of wolf dogs that originates from a mother endangered Red Wolf. The animals we shepherd are some of the most stunning and beautiful wolf dogs we have ever seen and are worth protecting and holding space for. Here is our #GivingTuesday and end of the year newsletter: CLICK HERE  Please sign up to receive them if you would like to stay connected to the wolf project more intimately.

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