November 23, 2018 – FULL MOON WORK

Last night was the FULL MOON in Gemini–Mercury’s ruler. MERCURY is RETROGRADE now, so we are doing karmic clean up. Our minds are being “worked over,” to change the elements of our mind that are not serving us, squishing them like putty, so they can become a better shape for the future. There is a lot of new energy and possibility coming through this 11-22 portal, and our limited minds, may need to be “squished,” in order to receive the new energies otherwise the old mind will limit to the point that we cannot see what is coming in. The mind needs squishing and working. The rest of the cycle may be a mind squish. Meditation is helpful in these times for all of us.

Today is a work day. The square’s reveal we may be cleaning up after a big dinner, or cleaning up old karma, and cleaning up the end of the year loose threads.

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [1:47 am pdt/ 2:47 am mdt/ 3:47 am cdt/ 4:47 am edt] is expansion in our awareness of our inner self. We are opening up our emotional world to see what is going on in there. We can shine a light into our feelings, and open up what is under them. Beauty and innocence is underneath most heart calls, all the way underneath the other rubs, pains or discomforts, there is a beautiful longing for something very pure–love, expression, companionship, community, participation in joy. We all want the same things. There is an expansion in understanding our own inner nature.

MOON SQUARE MARS [4:11 am pdt/ 5:11 am mdt/ 6:11 am cdt/ 7:11 am edt] is a home-base-movement. We may be moving our home, or moving furniture inside it. There is re-organization going on, within our emotional and/or physical home.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY (retrograding) [12:30 pm pdt/ 1:30 pm mdt/ 2:30 pm cdt/ 3:30 pm edt] : is revealing more moving around. There is circling, re-examining, and re-visiting going on.

This MERCURY retrograde continues through December 6th, when Mercury stations to go Direct at the end of Scorpio. These degrees across the end of Scorpio, beginning of Sagittarius, are places of deep shamanic transformation. The fire and water in these signs changes people, changes power systems, and calls our attention, to see what is underneath the surface of things. This retrograde will pull our attention from the surface of things, all the way underneath to the deep water below the things in our life. May we hold these revealings with tenderness as they are penetrating many layers, and perhaps many lifetimes.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE (SLOWING DOWN TO GO DIRECT on SATURDAY) [7:21 pm pdt/ 8:21 pm mdt/ 9:21 pm cdt/ 10:21 pm edt] The waters of the earth are calling for our participation–this may be clear today.  Today may also be a personal emotional challenge, which can be divine to human emotional or water work.

NEPTUNE has been retrograding since June 18th. As the big watery planet slows down from its retrograde motion to change directions–there are often watery weird wild things in the shifting. Neptune in its watery presence shines through our emotions, media, the stories that we tell each other and the perceptions that are always changing within us and the world. This watery reflective space of images, and energies, divinity, and psychicly fluid impressions, is a reflective, illusive space that harnesses the flow of attention through life. May we be gentle as we hold the water within ourselves and the world through this shift of direction.

MOON is in Gemini (ruler of Mercury retrograding) all the way through tomorrow, through the NEPTUNE shift. These are changeable days. A lot of shifting is going on. There is a lot of revisiting of loose karmic threads. May we change gracefully, letting go of the old, to trust the unseen path of the new world coming. May we find resolution, completion and tye the loose karmic threads.

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