November 18, 2018 – Expansion May Require New Forms

SUN TRINE MOON [12:04 am pdt/ 1:04 am mdt/ 2:04 am cdt/ 3:04 am edt] This Scorpio Sun Trine Moon in Pisces is a beautiful powerful link between waters early in the morning, before a fiery afternoon!

MOON goes void between Pisces and Aries just after that aspect. departing the VOID as it enters Aries. 

MOON enters Aries [7:56 am pdt/ 8:56 am mdt/ 9:56 am cdt/ 10:56 am edt] and heads for another TRINE immediately.

MOON TRINE JUPITER [12:18 pm pdt/ 1:18 pm mdt/ 2:18 pm cdt/ 3:18 pm edt] fire to fire. This is a creative and spiritual expansion. There’s good luck and faith here. Leaps of faith can be welcomed. Faith Healing is also available.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [8:30 pm pdt/ 9:30 pm mdt/ 10:30 pm cdt/ 11:30 pm edt] offers a late night feeling of tired, as the ego-mind may be overloaded by miracles or things beyond our “expectations,” they can be “horrors,” or “miracles,” however we perceive them. Remembering this is a time of miracles. We can intend them and have them. Sometimes there’s some work involved in miracle-making. And sometimes we need more sleep! (especially in the low end of the solar year!) – (the valley of the sun).

Author’s Note: I hope to make it to a special gathering for the crossing of my indigenous friend Shanadii. This is a powerful weekend. I bow from my heart to this incredible soul and spiritual teacher and guide. She was amazing and wonderful. I’ll always remember her. Blessings to all of you who have lost close ones recently.

Readings for next week! CLICK HERE to schedule! I’ll follow up with you by e-mail.