November 15, 2018 – Wild Ride Day, before another Wild Chango-LoveSwitchoDay

This is a totally wild day.

MARS SEXTILE URANUS [1:31 am pdt/ 2:31 am mdt/ 3:31 am cdt/ 4:31 am edt] brings in the power of tigers running, leaping over beauty as it turns in for winter.  We may feel the running tigers inside. That is ok, we can go with it, allow that power to lift us into action, into taking care of the things that need our attention. This is the kind of power that provides shape-shifting, or a leap of faith that works.

SUN SQUARE MOON [6:54 am pdt/ 7:54 am mdt/ 8:54 am cdt/ 9:54 am edt] is a corner of work. Anytime we see “square,” we can imagine, “3-D work.”  When we do the aligned work, its a good experience and can even be enjoyable or beneficial feeling. There is good work to do today–its a good grit day, in the lunar cycle, as it rises in light.

MOON TRINE VENUS [11:05 am pdt/ 12:05 am mdt/ 1:05 am cdt/ 2:05 am edt] is very sweet, and with the VENUS ALCHEMY FRIDAY STATIONING to go DIRECT, and MOON at first quarter, this is an interesting day of aspects. This one is more than just a MOON TRINE VENUS, due to all that is going on around them–its more like a feminine initiation–the best kind.

MARS enters Pisces [2:21 pm pdt/ 3:21 pm mdt/ 4:21 pm cdt/ 5:21 pm edt] this is a much welcomed transition, as Mars’ entry into Pisces from Aquarius can bring more peace, less violence, more communion with the divine and higher realms. Our work in the spirit worlds will increase potentially in effectiveness with this Mars placement. It can also be an increase in emotional process work, “feeling things,” and acting on deep feelings. There is more compassion in this Mars placement than in any other sign–may this much needed compassion take actions all over this world.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [7:58 pm pdt/ 8:58 pm mdt/ 9:58 pm cdt/ 10:58 pm edt] is a spark–like the one that lights a flame in the heart, and invokes all the powers needed to overcome all that is blocking us from our heart’s goals.

(this aspect sends the MOON into a one hour VOID, between Aquarius and Pisces. the Void ends when Moon enters Pisces.)

MOON enters Pisces [8:41 pm pdt/ 9:41 pm mdt/ 10:41 pm cdt/ 11:41 pm edt]

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [9:02 pm pdt/ 10:02 pm mdt/ 11:02 pm cdt/ 12:02 am late night edt] is a late night charge. This late night there is a lot of energy in the air. This is a night to dance, do a night hike, or howl with the wolves.

TOMORROW is the day VENUS STATIONS to go DIRECT, meanwhile MERCURY STATIONS to go RETROGRADE: Love-o-Switch-o-Chang-o.

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: Please join us in spirit as we return to Pagosa Springs area to look for Magnolia. Any animal communicators or prayer warriors, please surround her in warmth from her allies and our love. Please see us reconnecting, her hearing Blue Jesus (her dad): howl, and being able to find us, and be lifted into loving nurturing care, held, from all that she has experienced out on her own. She had her puppies stolen, right in front of her and chose to run away instead of go with the perpetraters, who also wanted to catch her. Perhaps their intentions were not so bad, just possibly with ignorance and other agenda, or other bad intent laced in, related to misinformation from an angry landlady. We’ve been through these things with landlords before and its never been this venemous or mean to us, and hurtful to all of us. We are finally recovering with the help of a lot of spiritual people, a lot of contact with old friends and familiar places, and guidance, and a lot of animal communicators pitching in.

Donations are appreciated. If possible we’d like to rent an Air B n B, in the area where we believe she is. If anyone would like to join us or sponsor this–please contact. We are in an intense need of about $1500 right now, for our next steps with pack one, and finding magnolia. The area she’s migrated to is an exquisite wilderness area.  More news coming as we go on our search and continue recollecting the Heart of a Wolf dog tribe. With your assistance, and prayers, we are protecting and carrying this one gorgeous line of part Red Wolves, into the future. We Thank You. Howling. 

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