November 13, 2018 – Earth to Air and with more expansion

MOON moves from Capricorn to Aquarius this morning. Into Aquarius [at 7:45 am pdt/ 8:45 am mdt/ 9:45 am cdt/ 10:45 am edt]. Just prior to this move there is an activating MOON SQUARE URANUS so we may wake up this morning feeling radical or with some impatience.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [10:05 am pdt/ 11:05 am mdt/ 12:05 pm cdt/ 1:05 pm edt] is a friendly home base expansion, can bring abundance and good luck! Its definately an aid in solving problems today!

Tomorrow there’s a MOON SEXTILE MERCURY (good for communications), and FRIDAY is an alchemical day of switcho chango, Venus to Direct and Mercury to Retrograde. This will be an interesting week.
. . . . . .
READINGS are powerful at this time because so much is changing and its the right thing to come together in collaboration and in support of each other. Giving Readings is one of the most intimate fulfilling things we do together!
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Author’s Note: The wolf project needs you! We are in a big transition and trying to do way too much for one or two people! We need help, financially–its urgent–and in other ways to continue to feed animals and support their survival into the future. Please contribute anything you can!