November 7, 2018 – New Moon in Scorpio is a time of Re-focusing our Power–Reset and Renewal

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [5:30 am pdt/ 6:30 am mdt/ 7:30 am cdt/ 8:30 am edt] is a fluid energy. This morning, a fresh new moon, has flow, moving with the divine fluidity in life.

SUN CONJUNCT MOON (NEW MOON)–takes place at [8:02 am pdt/ 9:02 am mdt/ 10:02 cdt/ 11:02 am edt] This is the most powerful NEW MOON within each of us. We are invited to re-align our power, our focus and our intentions for the year to come. We can rest and renew, and clean all our attention out of misunderstandings of the past. Its the job of each one, during this lunar cycle to clear out the weight of heartbreaks and disappointments that hang in our field clouding our power and potential. During this cycle, we can move from clouded weighted power mechanism, to empowerment. Its a clearing out the guck and re-focusing our attention for the new year–time!

NEW MOON’s always bring new energy. The new moon is a quiet time where the energy is still at its lowest place, rising gently toward the light, each day, til FULL MOON on November 22nd.

The NEW MOON SEXTILES PLUTO [3:06 pm pdt/ 4:06 pm mdt/ 5:06 pm cdt/ 6:06 pm edt] –emphasizing our regenerating our power in this cycle. Pluto is the planet that governs Scorpio–New Moon in power sign with link to power planet–we’re being renewed this cycle. May we surrender to these healing energies as they work with us.

JUPITER INCONJUNCT URANUS [10:20 pm pdt/ 11:20 pm mdt/ 12:20 am late night cdt/ 1:20 am late night edt] is a generous dose of expanded awareness, though messy or awkward, we’re finding our way into the new energies. Its not going to be a planned, clean transition to the new era, its messy and awkward to transition. Even with this awkwardness–there’s magic and grace. This aspect is good for spontaneous happenings that bring expanded states of grace or syncronicity.

May the blessings of this NEW MOON, and this new empowerment, be welcomed, received and felt. Deep cathartic empowerment to you!
. . . .
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