November 6, 2018 – Love Reset – Dark Moon Release

Today is dark moon– the very last day in the lunar cycle: MOON CONJUNCT A RETROGRADING VENUS predawn [12:19 am pdt/ 1:19 am mdt/ 2:19 am cdt/ 3:19 am edt] is a watershed moment regarding love. These moon/venus conjunctions, are considered “initiatory passages,” along venus’ journey of the heart and the inner feminine.

MOON enters the VOID between Libra and Scorpio, middle of the night, entering Scorpio [5:02 am pdt/ 6:02 am mdt/ 7:02 am cdt/ 8:02 am edt] –the sign of tomorrow’s NEW MOON!

This being dark of the moon is a final release and “let go,” surrender and prepare for the reset, rebirth and shift in power where we step up, step in, and transform through choice, beginning with the first day of this powerful next lunar cycle of NEW MOON in SCORPIO! (tomorrow morning).

Today is still coming down at the very last outbreath of the old Libra New Moon cycle–related to partnerships and self with others.

Now a more powerful, deeper place of focus and transformation is coming. Scorpio does not do things lightly, its penetrating–where we focus intensely enough to accomplish, transform, root, or resurrect.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [5:03 am pdt/ 6:03 am mdt/ 7:03 am cdt/ 8:03 am edt] adds shake-up and newness power to our hearts today–there’s genius and breakthrough in this dark moon day.

URANUS retrograding, re-enters Aries from the shaking up of solid earth–as it goes back to fire, and the masculine spirit, just in time for the big ego dance of elections! We have one more break-down-break-through opportunity in leadership–before Uranus returns to shaking up the earth for another eight years. Its time to tear down and rebuild our mechanisms of leadership and thinking–or Uranus will do that for us.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [2:39 pm pdt/ 3:39 pm mdt/ 4:39 pm cdt/ 5:39 pm edt] is like a good baseball game where all the balls are caught and all the pitches are hit by a bat. Its all connected, there’s each one of us, responsible for a different part of the earth–here. Each of us is stewarding a unique mission, and unique life’s work. This is an aspect to release the old non-working systems and integrate new systems that will support us into the future. Reset in grace. The “holy spirit,” “creator,” or “ultimate spiritual authority,” is guiding us today–can we hear the directives? In Saturn, we are reminded of healthy authority, our personal moon–listening for right actions.
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