November 5, 2018 – Air and Water Purification – oh and one more political purge

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [9:56 am pdt/ 10:56 am mdt/ 11:56 am cdt/ 12:56 pm edt] is another corner–square-time-with PLUTO is dancing with death, completion and catharsis.

MOON TRINE MARS [6:43 pm pdt/ 7:43 pm mdt/ 8:43 pm cdt/ 9:43 pm edt] Rrrrrrrrrr. Says a moto-bike when it starts up, grrrrr rrrrrrr. We are grrrrrrrunning, even in the dark moon. May we be patient with ourselves and take only the “right-feeling-correct-actions.”

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE [10:40 pm pdt/ 11:40 pm mdt/ 12:40 am cdt/ 1:40 am edt] is a shining fluid connection with divinity, even in the dark of the moon, other planetary energies shine light within us. We are as creative as the universal flow of life, and how much of it we allow through us.

May we allow, ride, invoke, invite, and sing the universal flow of life, dancing, dreaming and manifesting the next steps in syncronicity with Divine creation through us.