November 4, 2018 – Flying through Time–down to dark moontime

Whooosh. . . . I know the elders always say “time goes faster when you get older,” and with the combination of that, and the “speeding up of time,” that has been a part of multiple prophecies about THIS TIME, we are just FLYING THROUGH TIME! Wheeweee!

Its a SUNday–the day we all can pray and rest. Woo Hoo. The weather today is also good for praying and for resting!

MOON SEXTILES JUPITER [12:26 am pdt/ 1:26 am mdt/ 2:26 am cdt/ 3:26 am edt] sending the MOON into an expansive middle of the night, pre-dawn VOID.

In the middle of this little middle of the night VOID, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS HAPPENS–and we “fall back in time,” however time is still flying by, even if it seems like we gain an hour here, we needed it! This version of time, is a version that will shift if and when we ever return to grass-roots-earth-based-sustainable-communities. We will rise with the sun, and communicate as per village life–it may change our view of time to that of nature. Trees have clocks that follow the sun and seasons.

MOON enters Libra [2:01 am pdt/ 3:01 am mdt/ 4:01 am cdt/ 5:01 am edt] the sign before the NEW MOON sign of Scorpio–we’re going down to the dark moon in the area of partnerships. Its time to let go of the whole past and history.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [10:02 am pdt/ 11:02 am mdt/ 12:02 pm cdt/ 1:02 pm edt] in the dark moon can feel tired, constricted, fearful, or ending things. This is a working transition–even on a sunday!  Its good to honor our own boundaries on a day like today–we have them. Our boundaries may speak with us and we can translate to others.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [10:11 am pdt/ 11:11 am mdt/ 12:11 pm cdt/ 1:11 pm edt] is the reminder that communications is key, again and again. Today–communications are an important part of boundary-setting, and inner reflection to outer transition.

May our deep waning last quarter within, be gentle and nourishing in its depth and ability to concentrate, meditate and cleanse. May we invoke the blessed divine feminine in her season, to guide us inward, tending our inner gardens.
. . . . .
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