November 3, 2018 – Power, Resurrection and Rest

MOON TRINE PLUTO [7:15 am pdt/ 8:15 am mdt/ 9:15 am cdt/ 10:15 edt] is a personal power active morning. This trine encourages us to speak truth, stand up and be our shining selves fearlessly. The MOON is waning, so rest is in order. There is a quiet self-empowerment today–perhaps on behalf of others or what you care about most in life.

VENUS INCONJUNCT CHIRON [11:17 am pdt/ 12:17 pm mdt/ 1:17 pm cdt/ 2:17 pm edt] has the strangeness of an inconjunct–a sort of lack of connection between two parts–yet connected. There is healing today–we are not sure how this will occur–it will be a gentle unfolding, feminine in nature, and touching a deep place.

May we collaborate with the unfolding rest and let go, down to the new moon. May we speak our truth gently and with firm knowing. May we remember in Venus’ retrograde, to reconnect with windings and unwindings that heal.
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