November 2, 2018 – Sweet Waning Moon

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [3:24 am pdt/ 4:24 am mdt/ 5:24 am cdt/ 6:24 am edt] is a corner of home communications work. At home–communications are equally as important as “out in the world,” . . . at home is where the “heart is,” so communications at home are worth the work.

MOON TRINE SATURN [7:25 pm pdt/ 8:25 pm mdt/ 9:25 pm cdt/ 10:25 pm edt] is a grounding aspect, grounded in Saturn’s solid organizational strengths (especially in home sign of Capricorn now)–that provide stability to our life.  Saturn is our friend while Uranus is rocking Taurus. Saturn Trines Taurus, from the structural earth sign–Capricorn.

MOON SEXTILE SUN [4:40 pm pdt/ 5:40 pm mdt/ 6:40 pm cdt/ 7:40 pm edt] is a link between masculine and feminine that is a harmony, like good music or a dance. Moon and Sun both wane, down into quiet mystical space, as we head toward Winter Solstice and Dark Moon. Going down into the dark time of year. (dark–being seasonal).

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [10:21 pm pdt/ 11:21 pm mdt/ 12:21 pm cdt/ 1:21 pm edt] is a wave of water.  A wave of emotion, a tide coming in, the fruition of a water story. May we all swim well amidst the archetypal waves and patterns of this life. 

. . . .
Author’s Note: The FALL SPECIAL is finally over! IT was September and October. I’ll be putting new offers and pricing out today for readings and Astrology Courses. They will appear here in tomorrow’s blog, or come after 6pm to the website!