November 1, 2018 – Day of remembering Spiritual Diversity

MOON is in Leo til evening. This waning moon is growling. This morning MOON is OPPOSITE MARS [8:22 am pdt/ 9:22 am mdt/ 10:22 am cdt/ 11:22 am edt] Growling. Grrrrrrrr.

JUPITER TRINE CHIRON [10:35 am pdt/ 11:35 am mdt/ 12:35 am cdt/ 1:35 am edt] is the planet of expansion linked with planet of healing in a supportive aspect. We can receive whatever is needed for healing. Its ok to feel pain, to touch it and give it whatever it needs. We can feed it flowers, tenderness, salt baths, and light it up with candles.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [8:25 pm pdt/ 9:25 pm mdt/ 10:25 pm cdt/ 11:25 pm edt] is a corner of work in our freedom, wisdom and joy. We are here to be ourselves and to free ourselves from false limitation and false suffering. May we take the expanded steps needed to ascend in our life to the next threshold of energy. As the moon wanes, we are asked to expand. can we love more?

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [9:31 pm pdt/ 10:31 pm mdt/ 11:31 pm cdt/ 12:31 am late night edt] reminds us that the key to this day is love. Unconditional love is the state of the creator, of nature, there is a benevolent force of love that “makes the world go round,” and we are part of what that love flows through. We are loved and we love. May this love carry us through this powerful time.

MOON TRINE URANUS [11:06 pm pdt/ 12:06 am late night mdt/ 1:06 am late night cdt/ 2:06 am edt] might be a small miracle moment. There is always the opportunity to invite invisible forces to assist us. This is an evening–where that link is smooth and clear. There are invisible forces who love us–available to be called upon. Its the season to call them in this “ALL SAINTS NIGHT,’ and to remember there is diversity in the spiritual world. We need to be clear, and ask for the angels, and if we want to–we can soothe the lost souls floating by, perhaps even help them home.
. . . .
Author’s Note: FALL READING SPECIAL ended yesterday. I’ll be releasing new offerings tomorrow. If you wanted to participate and didn’t get a chance–drop me a line. HERE at page bottom