October 20, 2018 – Sweet Weekend

This is the sweetest weekend! Oh good! I like when the “weather is good,” for a weekend. like forecasting sunny warm days, and on days like this it just might be sunny and warm.

MOON TRINE VENUS [2:43 am pdt/ 3:43 am mdt/ 4:43 am cdt/ 5:43 am edt] is the beginning of the sweet weekend. Pre-dawn, it ushers in a day where women are supported and the feminine in all of life is offered, sweet foods, touch, caring, connection, affection and beauty. May it all be expressed all weekend long.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [5:07 pm pdt/ 6:07 pm mdt/ 7:07 pm cdt/ 8:07 pm edt] in Pisces, where Neptune is now. This is a lot of sweet water. Emotional soothing, tea, iced or hot, with women friends is all we need today. (men need women friends too). Its a really feminine day–a good day for cross-dressing. (for laughter).

MOON TRINE MERCURY [10:14 pm pdt/ 11:14 pm mdt/ 12:14 am LATE NIGHT cdt/ 1:14 am edt] this friendly communications aspect is good for everything. Whatever little thing we’ve wanted to do, communicate, see or be, the little details connect today.

May we re-member the beauty (with Venus retrograding into her winter wonder-world). May we re-member old friends and the deepest most beautiful things we might have forgotten.
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October 19th, 2018 – Rising Moon, Rising Communications, Rising Miracle

MERCURY TRINE NEPTUNE [2:47 am pdt/ 3:47 am mdt/ 4:47 am cdt/ 5:47 am edt] is one of the defining aspects of today. These two planets–the imaginal, fluid, realm of NEPTUNE with the air-born, thought-made realm of Mercury. Linked, in a day–of imagining through the mind and mouth–our real dreams–dreams that we imagine–every day. Today we are the creators of life with our minds. May we think with God and with flow.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [4:48 am pdt/ 5:48 am mdt/ 6:48 am cdt/ 7:48 am edt] How might one “think with God/the Creator?” That is the work. Jupiter corner with the moon asks for work in this area. Can we expand further into this area?

SUN TRINE MOON [5:27 am pdt/ 6:27 am mdt/ 7:27 am cdt/ 8:27 am edt] is another sweet sun-moon-dance. Can we help but think of . . . “what a marvelous night for a moon-dance, . . . ”

sends MOON into the VOID for a few hours, until [1:28 pm pdt/ 2:28 pm mdt/ 3:28 pm cdt/ 4:28 pm edt] This morning/afternoon VOID is between Aquarius and Pisces–a sweet elemental place where the spiritual realms of feeling water linked with thinking air, find flight and presence.

MERCURY SQUARE MARS [10:23 am pdt/ 11:23 am mdt / 12:23 am cdt/ 1:23 am edt] Redoing something important might be a good use of this energy. This void is good for re-doing or re-addressing something that matters to us. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. (as they say). Voids can be good for repeat attempts.

MOON enters Pisces, leaving the VOID [1:20 pm pdt].

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [2:47 pm pdt/ 3:47 pm mdt/ 4:47 pm cdt/ 5:47 pm edt] is like a home-run. (it can be).So its good to make sure you toss your ball in the air and take a bat–aim for a home run, pray for support from your allies, and see what happens. Our luck is good in the rising moonlight! This is a good time for initiative.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN  [9:26 pm pdt/ 10:26 pm mdt/ 11:26 pm cdt/ 12:26 pm edt] is like two steps forward. Sometimes we fall back, so its ok to leap ahead with support when the season provides.





May we rest or redo in the VOID and initiate with the care of nature later in the day. May the wild and wonderful energies through us today make the movements of the angels on earth. We can be their toes and fingers here.

. . . . .
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October 18, 2018 – Community New Start Communications Work

MOON is still in community-oriented Aquarius. Its time for community in the world on multiple levels. Social media has tried to take the place of “real community,” however its lacking in the hands on food growing land based kind of community that still calls us, while URANUS is now in Taurus of the land and feet and hands that touch the ground together. Uranus is the planetary actor of the sign of Aquarius. Its taking community right down into the solid earth while URANUS transits Taurus for the next 8 years.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY in Scorpio.  [2:10 am pdt/ 3:10 am mdt/ 4:10 am cdt/ 5:10 am edt] Fixed signs often show fixed ideas and the squares can offer different ideas. Aquarius and Scorpio think differently, yet each of their places in the zodiacal wheel of creation and evolution is important. The square is where different points of the wheel who “think differently,” work it out. 

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [4:50 am pdt/ 5:50 am mdt/ 6:50 am cdt/ 7:50 am edt] is an activation with action, and charged energy. In Aquarius it may be activating new community experiences. Handle with care and focus. Excersize is good!

October 18, 2018 – Community Activation

MOON is rising toward FULL now in the second quarter and light side of the moon map. This fullness is bright and lifts us and our creativity, and external expressive nature. Tis the season to be more expressive and external. This is a time to put out our messages and participate with others. With the rising cycle being in the realm of Taurus/Scorpio, its a powerful access that involves the healing of trauma, the re-organizing of power structures, and the re-rooting of true sources and connections to “power.” Power being money or survival or even friendship if thats what we find powerful.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY this early am–pre-dawn [2:10 am pdt/ 3:10 am mdt/ 4:10 am cdt/ 5:10 am edt] may have us tossing and turning in our minds, either in dreams or sleeplessness is possible with this kind of mental squaring. The mind is a place that “needs work,” for every one of us. For our mind needs discipline and tempering to be better masters of peace and community in our lives. This is a good time for prayer-work, chanting, or any other mental discipline.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [4:30 am pdt/ 5:30 am mdt/ 6:30 am cdt/ 7:30 am edt] offers an “activation,” of the MOON/MERCURY SQUARE, by adding fire, enthusiasm, newness, and a little power. Its time to temper the ego and take right action.

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October 17, 2018 – Revolution, and more Revolution–the work of changing

MOON enters Aquarius
[12:36 am mdt/ 1:36 am mdt/ 2:36 am cdt/ 3:36 am edt] the community, future, and energy (free in the future). The place where energy becomes free, is Aquarius. Its the New Saturn Leader.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [2:17 am pdt/ 3:17 am mdt/ 4:17 am cdt/ 5:17 am edt] is a corner of change–that requires work. Times change. Systems have to change too–too keep up with the changing energy and changing times. Its a systems revolution kinda day.

MOON SQUARE VENUS [4:44 pm pdt/ 5:44 pm mdt/ 6:44 am cdt/ 7:44 am edt] is a corner of creative work. With VENUS RETROGRADING, she’s going within. She’s called to inward, inward, inward work. She is called to listen to the within and unfold the within. The within knows what the work is.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [2:10 am late night pdt] late tonight–communications work. Tempering may be needed, the later we go into the night. Squares require work and discipline and with that they can be quite nice–when worked.

There’s more movement, and more change afoot. This whole cycle is a big giant revolution–due to the FULL MOON in Taurus–where URANUS the lightning change agent is living now. The revolution is under our feet. It is “in the earth.” May we walk with great listening, amidst the lightning rods.

. . . . .
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