October 20, 2018 – Sweet Weekend

This is the sweetest weekend! Oh good! I like when the “weather is good,” for a weekend. like forecasting sunny warm days, and on days like this it just might be sunny and warm.

MOON TRINE VENUS [2:43 am pdt/ 3:43 am mdt/ 4:43 am cdt/ 5:43 am edt] is the beginning of the sweet weekend. Pre-dawn, it ushers in a day where women are supported and the feminine in all of life is offered, sweet foods, touch, caring, connection, affection and beauty. May it all be expressed all weekend long.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE [5:07 pm pdt/ 6:07 pm mdt/ 7:07 pm cdt/ 8:07 pm edt] in Pisces, where Neptune is now. This is a lot of sweet water. Emotional soothing, tea, iced or hot, with women friends is all we need today. (men need women friends too). Its a really feminine day–a good day for cross-dressing. (for laughter).

MOON TRINE MERCURY [10:14 pm pdt/ 11:14 pm mdt/ 12:14 am LATE NIGHT cdt/ 1:14 am edt] this friendly communications aspect is good for everything. Whatever little thing we’ve wanted to do, communicate, see or be, the little details connect today.

May we re-member the beauty (with Venus retrograding into her winter wonder-world). May we re-member old friends and the deepest most beautiful things we might have forgotten.
. . . .
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