October 18, 2018 – Community New Start Communications Work

MOON is still in community-oriented Aquarius. Its time for community in the world on multiple levels. Social media has tried to take the place of “real community,” however its lacking in the hands on food growing land based kind of community that still calls us, while URANUS is now in Taurus of the land and feet and hands that touch the ground together. Uranus is the planetary actor of the sign of Aquarius. Its taking community right down into the solid earth while URANUS transits Taurus for the next 8 years.

MOON SQUARES MERCURY in Scorpio.  [2:10 am pdt/ 3:10 am mdt/ 4:10 am cdt/ 5:10 am edt] Fixed signs often show fixed ideas and the squares can offer different ideas. Aquarius and Scorpio think differently, yet each of their places in the zodiacal wheel of creation and evolution is important. The square is where different points of the wheel who “think differently,” work it out. 

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [4:50 am pdt/ 5:50 am mdt/ 6:50 am cdt/ 7:50 am edt] is an activation with action, and charged energy. In Aquarius it may be activating new community experiences. Handle with care and focus. Excersize is good!