October 10, 2018 – Change is ongoing, another day of radical shifts

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [3:12 am pdt/ 4:12 am mdt/ 5:12 am cdt/ 6:12 am edt] is a supportive aspect in the face of the other more “challenge,” or “work-filled,” aspects like squares and oppositions of yesterday and today.

MERCURY OPPOSITE URANUS [10:36 am pdt/ 11:36 am mdt/ 12:36 pm cdt/ 1:36 pm edt] is a communications and radical shift conversation. This conversation is by no means just beginning, it is peaking, coming to a “head,” or a place of shift. This point is like the point in an infection, all puffed up and painful, where it finally breaks open, and then can begin to heal, clean itself out over time and mend. Or when a revelation finally distills. A piece of writing is finally able to do its magic, or a communications system finally comes to a point of fruition.

MOON SQUARE MARS [3:02 pm pdt/ 4:02 pm mdt/ 5:02 pm cdt/ 6:02 pm edt] is a another working square. This is emotional. Its fiery, passionate, its a corner. Every one of us will move through this corner, this piece of work. May we all rise to the occasion like a good leadership-problem-solving-oriented mars-person, not an angry or volatile one.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS —a connected feminine moment–[3:15 pm pdt/ 4:15 pm mdt/ 5:15 pm cdt/ 6:15 pm edt] provides a sweetness, like a fresh warm peach pie with something nourishing and creamy on top, with a nourishing warm drink, also creamy–in the middle of these wild opposition and squaring energies!

These other energies that call us into confrontation, perhaps into opposing perspectives that have been there all along–just highlighted in this planetary focus of today.

VENUS SQUARE MARS  [7:29 pm pdt/ 8:29 pm mdt/ 9:29 pm cdt/ 10:29 pm] this evening is a corner of the two sexes going through a piece of change-oriented work together.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [10:12 pm pdt/ 11:12 pm mdt/ 12:12 am late night cdt/ 1:12 am late night edt] proviedes peace and flow in the evening. After all the polarized “busy” aspects, we can relax late tonight in the neptunian grace and flow.

This is a day with a LOT going on! May we rise up and meet the tests and challenges, the work and communications–shining. Moon is waxing, energy is lifting.

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