October 8th, 2018 – Dark Moon Crossing to New Moon in the Evening

MOON TRINE MARS prior to the New Moon, is the only other aspect today. It gets us up and going first thing in the morning, even in the dark, (banking holiday), last day of waiting. [9:34 am pdt/ 10:34 am mdt/ 11:34 am cdt/ 12:34 pm edt]

NEW MOON takes place in the evening at
[8:47 pm pdt/ 9:47 pm mdt/ 10:47 pm cdt/ 11:47 pm edt] following the clean up and clean out dark moon day–yesterday. We are at the “bottom,” low energy time in the lunar cycle. Today shifting, from the end of the old, dark moon all day, to the New Moon this evening.

This New Moon shift may be subtle and quiet. It may be tired, sleepy and in need of nourishment. It may even be in need of guidance and new intentions and the instigations that new life calls for and calls in.

Whats the New Cycle? 
Re-Envisioning Partnership Between Masculine and Feminine!
This new lunar cycle takes place with a NEW MOON in Libra–seasonal area of “coming together to honor our deepest partners in life.” With VENUS RETROGRADING, love is asking to be “re-seen,” and “re-felt,” revised and revisioned. There must be another way! We are finding it now. 

With a VENUS SQUARE MARS a little later this week, the obvious frequent “disconnect,” or “work required to bridge the gaps,” between male and female–of the past–may be visibly looking for revision. Our “training,” in American society has been “pretty bad,” to be gentle. What this does for us is leave us hanging in a dysfunctional selfish paradigm where we all feel a little unmet (perhaps). This “unmet feeling,” can happen when Mars and Venus Square–especially!  Nomatter what–this aspect–will be pointing out where our work is in this area.

The work during a mars venus square is: between masculine and feminine within, our listening and our acting–to be simple. As well–it may appear externally–between the sexes. It may ask us to redefine ways to connect our skills in mutual support. It is a consciousness-raising-time-on-behalf-of-each-other:  to bridge the gaps, and recreate ways of being that are mutually supportive and community-productive.

May this new cycle reveal a new beginning so men and women can find “new ground,” and a new way, going forward. Perhaps something will “fall into consciousness,” that is a needed direction.