October 5, 2018 – VENUS STATIONARY RETROGRADE – VOID MOON Morning to Gifted Afternoon

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY [4:20 am pdt/ 5:20 am mdt/ 6:20 am cdt/ 7:20 am edt] is a sweet communications skill. Moon and Mercury both are the quick-movers of the zodiacal star map, and when they come together–things can happen fast! Communications is where there’s traction.

MOON SQUARE JUPITER [4:34 am pdt/ 5:34 am mdt/ 6:34 am cdt/ 7:34 am edt] at the end of fixed signs, sends the MOON in an early morning VOID, til later in the afternoon. We are VOID between Leo and Virgo. Its creative expansion clean-up-time.

VENUS is STATIONARY RETROGRADE [12:04 pm pdt/ 1:04 pm mdt/ 2:04 pm cdt/ 3:04 pm edt] in the middle of the afternoon. Our feminine, creative nature is stopping to go back and redo some things. This is a time of creative renewal. Its a great time for “editing!” This is an important point in the “shamanic Venus cycle,” as taught by Shamanic Astrologer Daniel Giamario. (he’s one of my favorite “astrological elders!”) ¬†This is one of the points of the cycle star of venus.

MOON enters VIRGO, departing the VOID [4:19 pm pdt/ 5:19 pm mdt/ 6:19 pm cdt/ 7:19 pm edt] and arriving in the best “clean up sign,” of the zodiac. If anything needs clean, healing or re-balancing–Virgo is the one in charge of all that. With our “MERCURY” in alignment with higher will and our intention clean, today will be a gentle etheric clean-up day!

MOON TRINE URANUS [6:26 pm pdt/ 7:26 pm mdt/ 8:26 pm cdt/ 9:26 pm edt] offers a grace, magic in our personal belly, or a genius within us for a day, maybe beyond, but especially for today.

MOON TRINE SATURN [9:43 pm pdt/ 10:43 pm mdt/ 11:43 pm cdt/ 12:43 pm edt]is another gift in the second part of the day. For all those who write or work at night–this is a good night for it. If not a “night worker,” don’t trance out on bad programming on television–instead–pick up a meaningful book related to your highest evolution or the work you know you are here to do, and read yourself to sleep!

. . . . . .

Author’s Note: Stay tuned–as www.StarWeatherWhale.com expands–we will feature other astrologers’ expertises. Especially ‘those who came before me.’ Over time in the near future, I’ll be sharing “the sources and rivers that have fed my work.”

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