October 2, 2018 – Third Quarter Square – Work on Powerful Communications – Energy coming down

With PLUTo DIRECT there’s a “powerful feeling in the air,” and today a corner of work with our communications in these power areas that are rising within each of us uniquely for us.

SUN SQUARE MOON early morn [2:45 am pdt/ 3:45 am mdt/ 4:45 am cdt/ 5:45 am edt] brings us to the dark last quarter of this “fall equinox cycle.”

MOON TRINE VENUS [5:16 am pdt/ 6:16 am mdt/ 7:16 am cdt/ 8:16 am edt] is a sweet aspect that brings feminine pleasure, and communion between mother and maiden in archetype-real realms.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [11:48 am pdt/ 12:48 pm mdt/ 1:48 pm cdt/ 2:48 pm edt] a watery inkling to be in grace.

MERCURY SQUARE PLUTO [5:03 pm pdt/ 6:03 pm mdt/ 7:03 pm cdt/ 8:03 pm edt] invites powerful communications work to be in grace.]

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO [7:10 pm pdt/ 8:10 pm mdt/ 9:10 pm cdt/ 10:10 pm edt] is an inner renovation. Its time to redo what was “run over,” or disempowered recently, its being reborn and renewed in this fullness aspect, like a FULL POWER. Deep feelings can accompany.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY [7:27 pm pdt/ 8:27 pm mdt/ 9:27 pm cdt/ 10:27 pm edt] is more work. Personal communications work often does more than the words themselves, more than the communications, its all encompassing, work.
. . . . . .
Author’s Note:
Its a complicated time of change.
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