September 2, 2018 – Last Quarter Square of Last Eclipse Portal Cycle Completion

MOON entered Gemini early this morning pre-dawn.

lunar-eclipse-3568836_640MOON SQUARE SUN [7:37 pm pdt/ 8:37 pm mdt/ 9:37 pm cdt/ 10:37 am edt] is the square that moves us from the light side of the cycle to the dark waning last week of this lunar cycle.

Tomorrow there’s a Neptune Square which can cause some confusion, however the aspects for communications and our art and heart are very good tomorrow. As the MOON wanes, may we let go of all the losses this eclipse death cycle has taken. May we allow all the energies being taken away to be taken away gracefully.

September 1, 2018 – Earthy Power; Communications Work

zen-2040340_640This first day of September, heading into fall and Equinox Season, occurs with a MOON in earthy Taurus, where Uranus is fresh into–making it the most “wild” Taurean area that we’ve had for a long time!

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER [2:06 am pdt/ 3:06 am mdt/ 4:06 am cdt/ 5:06 am edt] is a full flowering of work and abundance.bath-oil-2510783_640Like a FULL MOON, JUPITER in OPPOSITION with the MOON can create a fullness in the area of our vision and manifestation.

[5:15 am pdt/ 6:15 am mdt/ 7:15 am cdt/ 8:15 am edt] is a power-link from personal to collective. From the flow of power into our personal receptacles for universal power that is ours. We each receive empowerment in our own unique way–when we follow our heart or passion, when we complete projects that have been worked on a long time, when we take a conscious-choice-step that requires courage.

MOON SQUARE MERCURYhand-1917895_640[12:07 pm pdt/ 1:07 pm mdt/ 2:07 pm cdt/ 3:07 pm edt] is a personal communications square in the realm of fixed signs. We may experience fixed perspectives clashing. Only when people can be flexible and accepting of each other’s perspectives can these corners be crossed in grace.

MOON TRINE MARS [10:56 pm pdt/ 11:56 pm mdt/ 12:56 am cdt/ 1:56 am edt] is a link between the personal feelings and personal action. The link between how we feel and “the will to take actions,” is strong¬†today.

¬†Its a new month! Its a great idea to take the reins of every “new thing,” for ritual of newness and co-creation with all of life. Here we enter the equinox month! We can ritualize this entry into a new season, as we are shifting from summer to winter, its that in-between-time.