September 23, 2018 – working Sunday

MERCURY SQUARE SATURN – [9:46 am pdt / 10:46 am mdt / 11:46 am cdt/ 12:46 pm edt] is a piece of communications work first thing on a Sunday. Time for restructuring our communications life.

[10:22 am pdt/ 11:22 am mdt/ 12:22 pm cdt/ 1:22 pm edt] is a watery infusion of fluidity and neptunium experience.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [6:24 pm pdt/ 7:24 pm mdt/ 8:24 pm cdt/ 9:24 pm edt] is an aspect of power in our core. This is a power-building day! Power is rising, the MOON is still gaining light and we are up at the top of the cycle almost at FULL MOON!

FULL MOON is tomorrow (Monday) [at 7:52 pm pdt]  This FULL MOON is in Aries/LibraSUN now in Libra and MOON leaving a morning VOID tomorrow and entering the FULL MOON sign of Aries [at 4:03 pm pdt]  Those final hours this month, between 4:03 pm pdt and 7:52 pm pdt, are climax hours of this whole lunar cycle. This night is a powernight.

MERCURY TRINE MARS [6:29 pm pdt/ 7:29 pm mdt/ 8:29 pm cdt/ 9:29 pm edt] adds power and action to our communications functions. This trine calls us to speak and act in harmony. We are supported to align our actions with our words, and called to utilize our own thoughts to empower our actions. 

MOON TRINE JUPITER [10:25 pm pdt/ 11:25 pm mdt/ 12:25 am late night cdt/ 1:25 am late night edt] is a gift from the uplifted energies of our world. Expansion, Abundance, Joy and Reciprocity that is Revelatory are some of the qualities possible here. 

May we all utilize this power given today, for our own flowering in the ways we gift and serve this world. May we feel our partnership with the Divine and the Fabric of Life we are held by, as we act in our power as a living moving being. 



September 22, 2018 – Big Equinox !

FALL EQUINOX BLESSINGS to YOU! Equinoxes are always balancing. The first day of Libra; marking the equinox–is the ultimate balancer.

Moon enters Pisces this day early. [5:27 am pdt/ 6:27 am mdt/ 7:27 am cdt/ 8:27 am edt] bringing in the sensitive waters.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [8:56 am pdt/ 9:56 am mdt/ 10:56 am cdt/ 11:56 am edt] is a connection between our personal feeling world and a breakthrough change and freedom force.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [10:56 am pdt/ 11:56 am mdt/ 12:56 pm cdt/ 1:56 pm edt] is another supportive aspect in the world of form. The earth world.

SUN enters Libra; (exact time of equinox); [6:54 pm pdt/ 7:54 pm mdt/ 8:54 pm cdt/ 9:54 pm edt] leaving earthy Virgo realm behind now for the realm of partnerships and balancing Opposites.

Fall Equinox (though often thought of as the beginning of “fall”) is actually in many wisdom traditions: the midpoint of the season!

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [7:46 pm pdt/ 8:46 pm mdt/ 9:46 pm] makes for a whacky evening of humor or strange angles.

MOON TRINE VENUS [9:22 am pdt/ 10:22 am mdt/ 11:22 am cdt/ 12:22 pm edt] offers a sweet creativity.

SUN OPPOSITE CHIRON [10:01 pm pdt/11:01 pm mdt/ 12:01 pm cdt/ 1:01 pm edt] is a lit up challenge to heal and overcome our “issues.” This deep heart and soulful feeling aspect touches our deepest places of raw or vulnerable; lighting them up with a creative force of life!

. . . . .

Authors Note: ooohwy ! There’s been weird techy things going on!! It’s a weird time for a lot of people. The fabric is in a state of heightened change. There’s a lot of animal news. That last court hearing wasn’t at all about animals ; I’m tired of the court system. It’s just weird.

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September 20, 2018 – Feminine Reconfiguration, Healing, Solar Flare Communications Power

MOON SQUARE VENUS [6:46 am pdt/ 7:46 am mdt/ 8:46 am cdt/ 9:46 am edt] is a reconfiguration, piece of work amidst feminine presences. The archetypal mother and the archetypal maiden doing the good work. These two feminine archetypes differ in values and expression, and yet, they can still work together, with patience and acceptance. 

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [6:52 pm pdt/ 7:52 pm mdt/ 8:52 pm cdt/ 9:52 pm edt] is a “blow it all up,” communications light up, expansion and fiery ignition. The SUN is also receiving a lot of attention. Solar observatories were closed, “rumor has it,” . . . when hundreds of spaceships were seen in front of the sun, from earth. A spiritual channel asked what was going on and it was said that the galactic neighborhood sees “humanity in need of assistance,” so they have come to assist. It is for us to know there are hundreds of thousands of “angels” and galactic friends here to assist us. All this happening is aligned in this SUN-MERCURY conjunction, communications with the SUN! 

CHIRON is emphasized today, bringing attention to deep wounds and their missions for healing and changes. 

Tomorrow MERCURY OPPOSES CHIRON, an acute “wounded healer” aspect that may require our own presence to sit with deep parts of self. We are called to our own “self healing journey.” 

September 19, 2018 – Steps Toward Genius

MOON TRINE MERCURY [7:20 am pdt/ 8:20 am mdt/ 9:20 am cdt/ 10:20 am edt] is a communications connection to emotional and intimate spaces. This is a friendly connection.

SUN TRINE MOON [10:10 am pdt/ 11:10 am mdt/ 12:10 pm cdt/ 1:10 pm edt] is the waxing ascending trine in this lunar cycle, between the two lights, uplifting us, into our personal harvest season. This aspect sends the MOON into the VOID until later this afternoon/evening.

MOON enters Aquarius, departing the VOID: [4:51 pm pdt/ 5:51 pm mdt/ 6:51 pm cdt/ 7:51 pm edt]  heading toward genius within each of us, in response to what is before us, like nature intelligence, we are a part of the “nature,” of the human fabric of life. Carried toward our own genius today.

MOON SQUARE URANUS [8:35 pm pdt/ 9:35 pm mdt/ 10:35 pm cdt/ 11:35 pm edt] is a personal contact with the MARS SQUARE MOON that was exact yesterday, slowly coming out of that square one day at a time, as Mars moves forward into Aquarius, calling forth the actions of genius, in response to the changes under foot.

MOON CONJUNCT MARS [9:23 pm pdt/ 10:23 pm mdt/ 11:23 pm cdt/ 12:23 pm edt] is the action intiative fire ignighting. Whatever actions are ours to take, they are being discovered and handed over to the genius DNA within us to handle. Its a good time for “listening within,” to what our innate responses usher us to do. May we be coreful and careful with the volatile change energies! Mars has a rising temper, so needs “tempering!”

Tomorrow has a SUN MERCURY CONJUNCTION, lighting up the whole week from the middle day–there can be such a powerful movement of energy in communications that it ripples out in both directions.

September 18, 2018 – More Good Movement and Change: Radical Shift to Freedom

thunderstorm-3625405_640Today’s most radical aspect : MARS SQUARE URANUS, takes place in fixed signs. Mars in fixed air, square Uranus in fixed earth. The two most volatile, movement and change oriented planets are in relationship and actively working, with tension. Tension is not always bad, and when two radically moving planets are involved the SQUARE can even provide stability. The work itself, can provide stability in a rapidly changing world.

[9:54 am pdt/ 10:54 am mdt/ 11:54 am cdt/ 12:54 pm edt] is a river that moves from inside to the divine and back. It is a flow of energy and fluidity is its provision.

: exact time: [4:01 pm pdt/ 5:01 pm mdt/ 6:01 pm cdt/ 7:01 pm edt] is a calculated moment in time–to be paying attention and listening. Calculated (by the divine or invisible forces).  light-bulb-2577139_640Squares require work, they require responsiveness, attention and responsibility for the revolutions in our hands. We are holding the delicate interconnected threads of change and they are weaving amidst us. What role do WE play in the GREAT SHIFT afoot?

[6:03 pm pdt/ 7:03 pm mdt/ 8:03 pm cdt/ 9:03 pm edt] is an earthy alignment with our power here. So frequently we, people, FEAR power, our own and others’ so these moments of moon (intimate personal touching) of POWER, we can observe how we hold our own power. Can we hold it with grace, expectancy, for all good to occur, and focus on what is required by the fabric of life in each moment–we all know this–what is required. We know when things need to be remedied or taken care of, its before us, when its ours.

light-bulb-1407610_640MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [8:25 pm pdt/ 9:25 pm mdt/ 10:25 pm cdt/ 11:25 pm edt] is a gift from the light-up-ones. Anyone capable of “lighting up,” the life of another might participate. The evening is filled with light and expansion of the good. Jupiter is a good-bringer and a lighter upper.

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