September 18, 2018 – More Good Movement and Change: Radical Shift to Freedom

thunderstorm-3625405_640Today’s most radical aspect : MARS SQUARE URANUS, takes place in fixed signs. Mars in fixed air, square Uranus in fixed earth. The two most volatile, movement and change oriented planets are in relationship and actively working, with tension. Tension is not always bad, and when two radically moving planets are involved the SQUARE can even provide stability. The work itself, can provide stability in a rapidly changing world.

[9:54 am pdt/ 10:54 am mdt/ 11:54 am cdt/ 12:54 pm edt] is a river that moves from inside to the divine and back. It is a flow of energy and fluidity is its provision.

: exact time: [4:01 pm pdt/ 5:01 pm mdt/ 6:01 pm cdt/ 7:01 pm edt] is a calculated moment in time–to be paying attention and listening. Calculated (by the divine or invisible forces).  light-bulb-2577139_640Squares require work, they require responsiveness, attention and responsibility for the revolutions in our hands. We are holding the delicate interconnected threads of change and they are weaving amidst us. What role do WE play in the GREAT SHIFT afoot?

[6:03 pm pdt/ 7:03 pm mdt/ 8:03 pm cdt/ 9:03 pm edt] is an earthy alignment with our power here. So frequently we, people, FEAR power, our own and others’ so these moments of moon (intimate personal touching) of POWER, we can observe how we hold our own power. Can we hold it with grace, expectancy, for all good to occur, and focus on what is required by the fabric of life in each moment–we all know this–what is required. We know when things need to be remedied or taken care of, its before us, when its ours.

light-bulb-1407610_640MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [8:25 pm pdt/ 9:25 pm mdt/ 10:25 pm cdt/ 11:25 pm edt] is a gift from the light-up-ones. Anyone capable of “lighting up,” the life of another might participate. The evening is filled with light and expansion of the good. Jupiter is a good-bringer and a lighter upper.

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September 17, 2018 – Practical Grace

hands-600497_640MOON is in most practical Capricorn, entering at [4:07 am pdt/ 5:07 am mdt/ 6:07 am cdt/ 7:07 am edt] from the VOID between fiery sag and earthy cap.

MOON TRINE URANUS [7:57 am pdt/ 8:57 am mdt/ 9:57 am cdt/ 10:57 am edt] in an earth-fully supported day, offers the magic, the other-worldly crossings, and the miracles that come out of the blue and green.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURNsunrise-1756274_640in its home sign, [9:25 am pdt/ 10:25 am mdt/ 11:25 am cdt/ 12:25 pm edt] really is all the crossed t’s and dotted i’s you’ll ever need.

[3:03 pm pdt/ 4:03 pm mdt/ 5:03 pm cdt/ 6:03 pm edt] equips all of life today with grace, for giving and receiving. Venus has pretty colors, and good food all at once!

sunset-1112659_640Tomorrow features a WILD SQUARE related to action, breakthrough and freedom!
Uranus Square Mars (tomorrow) is already causing electricity in our field and its also prone to cause anxiety so finding soothing things to give and receive ourselves and others is helpful in the wild times! The best way to approach wild uranian energy is with authenticity and humor, presence and attention to the changes taking place.
. . . . . . .
Author’s Note: Whenever there’s a big shock, or disruption, like recently, it often throws me off the astrology blog for a few days or more! This time too. I’m back though–back to balance, though in a hotel with Blue Jesus, I’m able to work and re-organize the stuff from the chaos of being tossed on a road. The way the eviction was done reveals the retialatory nature of the eviction, as I caught the landlady in some lying, and have proof and she’s extremely retaliatory about it. I didn’t mean to accidentally fall into her situation of dishonesty and abuse of the landlord-tenant situation to continue to rent a house that may be condemned and possibly should have been a long time ago for the health and safety of people. The wolves and I tend to stumble into situations where clearing or justice is needed. It has been something we provide. I’m grateful to return to the blog! I’ll be releasing my scheduler to schedule readings soon–I’m in the midst of working on that! And the Simple Astrologers Practitioners course is delayed and still coming–exciting developments there! Much Love from all of us!
donations appreciated to feed pack two and assist us with fencing at the next location for pack one in the high rockies!

September 16, 2018 – Communications Keys

dragon-1394534_640MOON is still in Phoenix fiery Sagittarius. The dragons, phoenix’s and other fiery creatures are about all weekend. This MOON and Sagittarius SQUARE the Virgo and Pisces axis of this lunar cycle. Our work is before us.

piano-691716_640MERCURY SEXTILE JUPITER [4:51 am pdt/ 5:51 am mdt/ 6:51 am cdt/ 7:51 am edt] this morning has keys jingling in our ears.
Keys to different locks and “problems,” jingling in our ears, . . . . psssssst.

MOON SQUARE MERCURYtypewriter-1209082_640[7:48 am pdt/ 8:48 am mdt/ 9:48 am cdt/ 10:48 am edt] Square’s usually lead to some form of work. With a MOON SQUARE MERCURY, we work between our mind and our home, inner world and the mouthpiece to the outer.

SUN SQUARE MOON today [4:15 pm pdt/ 5:15 pm mdt/ 6:15 pm cdt/ 7:15 pm edt] is the first quarter moon crossing. love-2042275_640MOON enters the VOID after this aspect for the rest of an early sunday evening.

This square moves the energy in the cycle to its SECOND QUARTER, and the LIGHT SIDE of the lunar cycle journey this month.flower-1646078_640This crossing usually moves through work, tension and often an excited relief as we enter the light side of the cycle once again.
Moving toward the light lifts us up to where energy is creative, supportive, bright and building toward a peak of flowering, (at the full moon).

This is a sweet restful Sunday evening, even if the phoenix’s are stirring, we prepare for a solid Monday, complete with strong saturnian support of grounding, strong uranian support to break through, and strong venus support to love and be loved, create and be created by higher powers. May we all walk upon the paintbrushes of grace before us tomorrow.

. . . . . .
IMG_3091Author’s Note: I have learned over and over, “things are often not as they appear,” which has been the lesson lately, on many levels, for many people involved in this chapter of the wolf story. It is interesting to touch the collective consciousness in an area, to be a carrier of something that is touching a collective, even if an “uneducated collective,” I’m touching it (with the wolf pack). The inner story, the intimate inside is filled with incredible moving parts. People who assist in this world and others. People who cause trouble in this world and others. The wolves are a source of attention, and care-taking an intact research pack in a world of divisiveness and division is and has been a challenge and a magnificent gift. Its easy to follow a path of goodness, once one is in it. Its easy to keep going (easier than stopping), as we’ve all seen in almost any endeavor. Its often easier to keep going, than to stop. I have a temporary re-arrangement break while the pack is being cared for by WolfWood sanctuary. They would and have separated the pack and it is their way, due to being a “rescue,” to separate and also to use invasive forms of medicine that are not preferred by these sensitive creatures. I have a lot of work before me to reclaim them and as well we still have a lot of other creatures to care for! There is no shortage of animals to care for, for me or anyone who wants to care. There’s too much to share here, though the story is rich with characters of dark side and light side. Its a wonderful story for Disney. I will summarize by saying, that being the character in the movie is perhaps not as much fun as watching it with popcorn, and I do hope that I can share the whole big story in full color with you soon, where we can both have popcorn and after all the attorney appointments are done.
wolf-2878650_640Donations appreciated to feed pack two, and to support the new fence for pack one and the new location where they will have their own valley, so remote no person might even hear them howl! The mountains make good sound barriers! We’ll be surrounded by mountains at the next place! Up high in the snow!

Thank you so much for all your support along the way. We all love you. Bluey misses Lomi and his pack and that is the saddest part for me, we both miss them, and the transition and break is most interesting and appreciated as all of life is.

September 15, 2018 – Fire Phoenix

MOON is in Sagittarius this weekend, at the crest of the dark to light lunar cycle crossing point. (First quarter moon is Sunday evening): lifting into the light side of the lunar cycle following the transformational shadow purge eclipse phase just before this new moon and cycle, now growing toward the light from deepest of roots and core.

This rising opening MOON is SQUARE NEPTUNE all day; providing inner work, work on our core and moonly home; nurturing the great work before us. Squares always ask us to work. The areas of Neptune are spiritual practice places. Exact time of aspect is [10:12 pm pdt/ 11:12 pm mdt/ 12:12 am late night cdt/1:12 am edt]

Empowering our communications and challenging our ability to be soulful; MERCURY TRINES PLUTO [7:54 pm pdt/ 8:54 pm mdt/ 9:54 pm cdt/ 10:54 pm edt]

The energies and aspects of the weekend support creativity, flight, renewal and inner genius🎋

. . .

Authors Notes: we are humbled and moved by all the happenings ; it’s really an incredible time of challenges and overcoming them. Both parts of that are stunning and incredible! The challenges call forth inner resources and responses that are rich in scope and impact. Sorry to be a little vague in the rich story! It’s coming when it’s ready filled with color and characters, dark light and in between. The hardest part is sometimes things happen too quickly to even ask for help! Or share with supporters what is happening!! We need financial support at this time to continue and we can’t wait to share details. Holding our tongues for gorgeous unfolding!

September 9, 2018 – NEW MOON (fresh out of eclipse cycle)

buddhist-1793421_640NEW MOON today is in Virgo. We’ve spent the last 2-3 months and the last 2-3 lunar cycles in an eclipse purge and transformation. Often we cannot see the whole picture as we are going through it and often it can feel dismembering or catapulting, or the extremes of angels and demons, blessings and curses, and the boundaries of our existence, where we sit within it and how the pendulum will swing us to the extremes, and out of balance, just to encourage a stronger, cleaner balance beyond.fern-821293_640

This NEW MOON is not an eclipse, being a fresh clear energy in which to do things, without the quicksand of clearing and purging going on.

VENUS entered Virgo just before dawn, this morning, joining the sign of the fresh New Moon. [2:25 am pdt/ 3:25 am mdt/ 4:25 am cdt/ 5:25 am cdt].

ocean-3605547_640 (1)MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [7:48 am pdt/ 8:48 am mdt/ 9:48 am cdt/ 10:48 am edt] is the aspect just before the eclipse, identifying it with a boat, oceanic quality. We may feel like a little boat, on a big ocean, a bit tossed, and a bit confused about direction, however its only the early early beginning of a new cycle and we will see it more clearly as each day passes.

SUN CONJUNCT MOON [exact time of New Moon: 11:01 am pdt/ 12:01 pm mdt/ 1:01 pm cdt/ 2:01 edt]sunset-3331503_640 (1) 16 degrees of Virgo. This New Moon comes with a spiritual call, to accept the “clarification,” the losses, the refinement, strengthening and tasks that we must perform to be on our soul’s journey, one that my require us to change, to move, to grow and to face unexpected things. This Equinox-Ushering-New Moon invites in new life force and intelligence–a fresh galactic intent, that clear of all the past.

Though we are human, we are also galactic. It is impossible to be what we are and not have a galactic part. We can be “out of touch,” with this part, however it is there.

Virgo is a sign of healing, balancing, cleaning and preparation. The kind of clearing of an eclipse is soul-clearing, life-clearing, and bigger-that-we-can-see-clearing. The kind of clearing that a Virgo New Moon invites and holds space for is our own personal closets, files and edits on paper. A more intimate, and creative intention-ful clearing and cleaning that we do with our own broom, now that the galactic demolition horses are finished.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [1:23 pm pdt/ 2:23 mdt/ 3:23 cdt/ 4:23 edt] is a graceful gentle increase, enlighten, or understanding. This new cycle invites our day by day elevation out of the purge phase. There’s a grace, angels watching and spiritual “next steps,” reaching out to us.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [2:03 pm pdt/ 3:03 pm mdt/ 4:03 pm cdt/ 5:03 pm edt] is the empowerment we can receive when we connect with the angelic, the galactic, and higher divine intent. There are many ways to experience our own power, aligning with the divine, is the highest form.

. . . . . . . . .. .
Author’s Note: Its been a rough ride, at the end of that eclipse on my astrological Sun position. An eclipse upon a personal planet at an exact degree is usually a near death experience of one kind or another–and the SUN, especially. The death is often experienced by a limited ego–a death. Today is when that intense life(ego)-threatening cycle ends. I’m so grateful that I’ve lived through that cycle. As an astrologer and star-traveller I was afraid of walking through it. As it unfolded and I saw the manifestations of shadow, challenge and life-threats, I wondered each day if I would make it through. There was nowhere to hide and I had to face everything I went through in a small town with a character assassination going on with people I did not know, who do not know me. With my animals all being themselves, in the area, with me trying to protect them, as they make choices to run, to escape, to be with the trees–of course. One is still out in the bush with her babies. It is the same one who likes to be “on the outskirts of the pack and us.” She likes to be on her own in the trees and to visit all of us. She is the one who always stays after we move and I always have to go back and get her a week or two or even three later because sometimes it takes time in her process to complete at a location, and for us to connect with her so she can come with us. I backpacked food and water into the forest near her last night and hope to go collect her and her puppies very soon. I know she is scared, now that we are not near her anymore. However we’ve been through this before with her–for I think 2 years, just never with puppies. Please pray for her as I was blocked from one way of reaching her (an apartment complex parking lot)–and had to find another way in. The manager has those sharp eyes, and gave me a “no trespassing ticket,” for being there. She thought I was sleeping in my car on the property because I had been seen there with my car early in the morning and late at night. Lol. oops. Sorry I was just feeding a creature. The police officer who came to give me an information paper that I could not come there anymore or I would get a trespassing ticket, is the one that I’ve been working with to make police reports on the attempts of two women to steal my animals from me, utilizing government officials for their illegal conspiracy. I had made police reports, long before the mold tests, the retaliatory eviction, and the stolen dogs. This is a very very complicated situation and I do need to go through the courts, however the fact that I had reported these ladies trying to steal my animals before they did it helps. The animals were taken to WolfWood, which is the best place they could be temporarily housed, we think, however unfortunately Paula, the owner was lied to about the situation, in order to go pick up our animals. It will be a bit of a challenge for us to continue to educate her of the truth, and to peacefully work with authorities, court system and her to complete a court order to get them back. What we are doing in our 501.c3 work is a little bit different than what she is doing in her 501.c3 work. Both are valuable and worthy, and ours is important and unique and not in a place to be “assimilated,” by the other projects that are unique from us. Thank you for your support along the way, it has been and is an incredible jedi, wolf adventure of heart, soul and overcoming, truth-telling and humility. Much Love. I’m grateful grateful. to be at this threshold having made it through the last 28 days of death challenge. Love.
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P.s. Astrology school is delayed but it is so so excited to share itself it will not be held back too much longer! The stars love too.