September 30, 2018 – Void Moon Sunday with Power Shift – PLUTO STATIONING – GOING DIRECT

PLUTO (our power) is stationary today. Pluto stationary (like all stations) can cause an excess or overflow and transition awkwardness in our own way to manage our own power.

“Our Own Power, is things like money, effectiveness, the power of love and how that moves in our lives, where we feel empowered and how we feel powerless. All this is shaking like a wet dog today. It’s gleaming with transformative “extra distance” in one day. All the little drops that fly off the wet shaking dog of our power: are no longer needed. We–like the wet dog–will feel better after we are fully dry and “the shake off,” can be pleasurable.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE: [3:22 am pdt/ 4:22 am mdt/ 5:22 am cdt/ 6:22 am edt] is a cue not to let “the disgruntlements” of the mind, get the best of us, while our power is being re-aligned in bigger-than-we-are-mysterious ways.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [7:58 am pdt /8:58 am mdt/ 9:58 am cdt /10:58 am edt] is a personal to divine corner of work. There is distance to go before complete insight, connection, or divine revelation. First there is personal work.

MOON TRINE MERCURY : [8:38 am pdt/9:38 am mdt/10:38 am cdt/ 11:38 am edt] is a personal “knowing what to say amidst the unknown.” This Trine is a gift of gab on a weird in-between power shift day. On this communications gem; MOON GOES VOID for the rest of the day.

MOON, Void today, meaning “in between,” maybe slippery, is also waning after the fall equinox FULL MOON. Now we are lowering our energy little by little toward the Quarter on Tuesday. Then down to dark and new moon–on Oct 8: our next “new cycle beginning.

Exact time of PLUTO STATION is [7:03 pm pdt/ 8:03 pm mdt/ 9:03 pm cdt/ 10:03 pm edt] This day is an alchemical day of power re-alignment. It may not be what we know how to do, however receiving this day, there’s great alchemy at play. (Power shift in each one): – forward motion to rise in clean power.

MOON IS VOID all the way through it’s entry into mama Cancer : [11 am pdt/ 12 noon mdt/ 1 pm cdt/ 2 pm edt] we are invited to slow down like the seasons as things deepen and change even more. Monday mid day the energy begins to move from its transformation eddy over the weekend.

September 29, 2018 – Light Playful Fun Active Saturday

MOON enters Gemini [6:26 am pdt/ 7:26 am mdt/ 8:26 am cdt/ 9:26 am edt] increasing the light-heart-quotient in all of us. Gemini is the “lightest” happiest sign in the zodiacal progression of developmental phases and the cycle of archetypal life. It is related to the developmental phase I call “brothers and sisters.”

MOON TRINE MARS [4:16 pm pdt/ 5:16 pm mdt/ 6:15 pm cdt/ 7:15 pm edt] brings joyful action.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:34 pm pdt/7:34 pm mdt/8:34 pm cdt/ 9:34 pm edt] is an easeful supportive link between masculine and feminine; giving and receiving. It’s healing in how smooth it can be.

May this be a smooth enjoyable Saturday in the midst of a world in chaos and change.
. . . . .
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September 27, 2018 – Renegade Earth Sign

Dear Taurus
how does it feel with URANUS in your space? Do you feel more volatile than ever as an earth sign? And do your hooves and seedlings, deep under-soil, feel like dancing? And perhaps the sky is speaking like never before, touching you, in immediate and vast ways?

MOON CONJUNCT URANUS (in Taurus) [3:11 am pdt/ 4:11 am mdt/ 5:11 am cdt/ 6:11 am edt] is an intimate connection with URANUS in Taurus now, the most electical wizardess planet in the most stable earth sign. Fixed Earth. This is a radical time of change.For that which is most solid is becoming volatile–solid earth–dancing. This is a time of quantum physics, revealing the “empty space,” inside of matter, as well as the volatile energetic quality of it–so what makes us stable anyway?

Radical awakenings, internal revelations, and earthquakes are all possible in this energy.
Uranus will be in Taurus until April, 2026. It takes 7-8 years to go through a sign. So we will be dancing in form, shakin’ it up, for some years ahead, we are just beginning this radical earth-shake-up-journey. Uranus just entered Taurus in May of this year–from its long wake-up-leadership trek through Aries (western wheel seasonal based zodiac).

MOON TRINE SATURN [5:35 am pdt/ 6:35 am mdt/ 7:35 am cdt/ 8:35 am edt] is an aiding aspect to the Uranus in Stable Earth-shake-up! It is stabilizing. 
MOON SQUARE MARS [8:50 am pdt/ 9:50 am mdt/ 10:50 am cdt/ 11:50 am edt] brings more good work. Right actions are called for, on behalf of our children, our mothers and our innermost self. (all the tender places) need action today.

SUN TRINE MARS [4:34 pm pdt/ 5:34 pm mdt/6:34 pm cdt/ 7:34 pm edt] reveals a link between the external masculine center and the will, or motivation, ultimate intention, and power of the heart’s most authentic longings. True longings of the heart are like forces of nature, like wind, or rain, they draw seeds into flower. Life mates under these circumstances.

MOON OPPOSITE VENUS [6:02 pm pdt; 7:02 pm mdt/ 8:02 pm cdt/ 9:02 pm edt] This is a Taurian Revolution. Uranus in the sign, Opposition with the Ruling Planet. Its a Love Revolution! 
With all that we have going in these days are time of the heart’s manifestation. Our divine lover might just be the fabric of life and all those who touch our hearts within it. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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September 26, 2018 – VOID MOON – TransformaSquare

MOON SQUARE PLUTO today is the only aspect. this MOON is quite FULL, now waning. The SQUARE to Aries sends the MOON into the VOID. This day is a piece of inner work. Our power is calling to be claimed, oriented and grounded. We are called to strengthen our core, become clear and gather our clear intentions. This is our POWER time. . . . . MOON is VOID the rest of the day after this tension/power-inner-work-influencing outer things–WORK.

MOON enters Taurus and leaves the VOID, this evening after midnight. [12:15 am pdt/ 1:15 am mdt/ 2:15 am late night edt/ 3:15 am pdt] Inner Movement, deep and vast change–these are things that are mysterious. Going after what we know is right, true or “ours,” . . to do. . . is up and a good thing now.

. . . .
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September 24, 2018 – Moon Void Meditation into Aries conjunct Healing Point – FULL MOON of Fall Equinox: Balancing change force

The MOON went into a VOID with a MOON TRINE JUPITER last night. Gifted.  This FULL MOON has planets all around the wheel, all busy. 

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS [12:09 pm pdt/ 1:09 pm mdt/ 2:09 pm cdt/ 3:09 pm edt] brings an awkward genius. In this FULL MOON day void; there’s fertile interesting divinely created alchemy going on. This alchemy involves the interweaving between the visible and invisible.  

Mercury is near the SUN, as often, as the Messenger Importante, in this FULL MOON sequence over the next few days. The happenings are “cauldron like,” as in they are “cooking us,” like chickpea’s of Rumi’s poem, beyond what we may notice or see clearly. Still, like with cooking, clear intent on our side is important. 

MOON enters Aries [4:03 pm pdt/5:03 pm mdt/ 6:03 pm cdt/ 7:03 pm edt] this entrance, departs the VOID of the day, and heads us toward the FULL MOON peak alchemical energy. This is a good time for attention, ritual, and prayer. (between now and full moon–a heightened energy for all).

CHIRON is retrograding at the cusp of Aries headed toward it’s previous sign Pisces. As this FULL MOON CONJUNCTS CHIRON: it lights up Chiron’s Mystery and Alchemical Path.
This path of Chiron is our deeply hidden pain that leads to revelation and transformation. Touching or “lighting up this pain,” we enter the alchemical cauldron with our past and future bubbling it’s magic; we both the stirrer and the cooked. Chirons pain glistens with the tips of icebergs, stories within and buried treasures.Our tears can be guiding rivers, clearing the toxic sludge bubbling off the top, like making clarified butter. The good stuff is in the middle.

FULL MOON peaks this evening at [7:52 pm pdt/ 8:52 pm mdt/ 9:52 pm edt] bringing in new energies within that balance opposites. The recent eclipses sent our lives into the extremes, creating big repurcussions for change.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [9:27 pm pdt/ 10:27 pm mdt/ 11:27 pm cdt/ 12:27 am late night edt] is a measured “one step at a time,” kind of pathway. It encourages the work that this time of year users in. In the changes (including change of seasons) there is simple work to do.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [11:23 pm pdt/ 12:23 am late night mdt/ 1:23 am late night cdt/ 2:23 am late night edt] is another work oriented aspect. This one encourages action. With Saturn squaring it may be “measured action,” and this supportive Mars aspect adds power to the Aries FULL MOON. Our power to take right actions is enhanced.

Focus and clear intention is important at this Full Moon! CHIRON and MERCURY are closely linked. As well as SATURN and MARS! Lots of communications and action! Inner as well as Outer. Invisible with Visible. Its a busy interdimensional time! 
. . . . . . . BLESSINGS TO YOU. This FULL MOON peak of LIGHT. . . . .
May your cauldron overflow with the purification and healing that cooks to truth, cooks to balance, and cooks to right relationship. 
. . . . . . . . .
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