September 30, 2018 – Void Moon Sunday with Power Shift – PLUTO STATIONING – GOING DIRECT

PLUTO (our power) is stationary today. Pluto stationary (like all stations) can cause an excess or overflow and transition awkwardness in our own way to manage our own power.

“Our Own Power, is things like money, effectiveness, the power of love and how that moves in our lives, where we feel empowered and how we feel powerless. All this is shaking like a wet dog today. It’s gleaming with transformative “extra distance” in one day. All the little drops that fly off the wet shaking dog of our power: are no longer needed. We–like the wet dog–will feel better after we are fully dry and “the shake off,” can be pleasurable.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE: [3:22 am pdt/ 4:22 am mdt/ 5:22 am cdt/ 6:22 am edt] is a cue not to let “the disgruntlements” of the mind, get the best of us, while our power is being re-aligned in bigger-than-we-are-mysterious ways.

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [7:58 am pdt /8:58 am mdt/ 9:58 am cdt /10:58 am edt] is a personal to divine corner of work. There is distance to go before complete insight, connection, or divine revelation. First there is personal work.

MOON TRINE MERCURY : [8:38 am pdt/9:38 am mdt/10:38 am cdt/ 11:38 am edt] is a personal “knowing what to say amidst the unknown.” This Trine is a gift of gab on a weird in-between power shift day. On this communications gem; MOON GOES VOID for the rest of the day.

MOON, Void today, meaning “in between,” maybe slippery, is also waning after the fall equinox FULL MOON. Now we are lowering our energy little by little toward the Quarter on Tuesday. Then down to dark and new moon–on Oct 8: our next “new cycle beginning.

Exact time of PLUTO STATION is [7:03 pm pdt/ 8:03 pm mdt/ 9:03 pm cdt/ 10:03 pm edt] This day is an alchemical day of power re-alignment. It may not be what we know how to do, however receiving this day, there’s great alchemy at play. (Power shift in each one): – forward motion to rise in clean power.

MOON IS VOID all the way through it’s entry into mama Cancer : [11 am pdt/ 12 noon mdt/ 1 pm cdt/ 2 pm edt] we are invited to slow down like the seasons as things deepen and change even more. Monday mid day the energy begins to move from its transformation eddy over the weekend.