September 29, 2018 – Light Playful Fun Active Saturday

MOON enters Gemini [6:26 am pdt/ 7:26 am mdt/ 8:26 am cdt/ 9:26 am edt] increasing the light-heart-quotient in all of us. Gemini is the “lightest” happiest sign in the zodiacal progression of developmental phases and the cycle of archetypal life. It is related to the developmental phase I call “brothers and sisters.”

MOON TRINE MARS [4:16 pm pdt/ 5:16 pm mdt/ 6:15 pm cdt/ 7:15 pm edt] brings joyful action.

SUN TRINE MOON [6:34 pm pdt/7:34 pm mdt/8:34 pm cdt/ 9:34 pm edt] is an easeful supportive link between masculine and feminine; giving and receiving. It’s healing in how smooth it can be.

May this be a smooth enjoyable Saturday in the midst of a world in chaos and change.
. . . . .
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