September 24, 2018 – Moon Void Meditation into Aries conjunct Healing Point – FULL MOON of Fall Equinox: Balancing change force

The MOON went into a VOID with a MOON TRINE JUPITER last night. Gifted.  This FULL MOON has planets all around the wheel, all busy. 

SUN INCONJUNCT URANUS [12:09 pm pdt/ 1:09 pm mdt/ 2:09 pm cdt/ 3:09 pm edt] brings an awkward genius. In this FULL MOON day void; there’s fertile interesting divinely created alchemy going on. This alchemy involves the interweaving between the visible and invisible.  

Mercury is near the SUN, as often, as the Messenger Importante, in this FULL MOON sequence over the next few days. The happenings are “cauldron like,” as in they are “cooking us,” like chickpea’s of Rumi’s poem, beyond what we may notice or see clearly. Still, like with cooking, clear intent on our side is important. 

MOON enters Aries [4:03 pm pdt/5:03 pm mdt/ 6:03 pm cdt/ 7:03 pm edt] this entrance, departs the VOID of the day, and heads us toward the FULL MOON peak alchemical energy. This is a good time for attention, ritual, and prayer. (between now and full moon–a heightened energy for all).

CHIRON is retrograding at the cusp of Aries headed toward it’s previous sign Pisces. As this FULL MOON CONJUNCTS CHIRON: it lights up Chiron’s Mystery and Alchemical Path.
This path of Chiron is our deeply hidden pain that leads to revelation and transformation. Touching or “lighting up this pain,” we enter the alchemical cauldron with our past and future bubbling it’s magic; we both the stirrer and the cooked. Chirons pain glistens with the tips of icebergs, stories within and buried treasures.Our tears can be guiding rivers, clearing the toxic sludge bubbling off the top, like making clarified butter. The good stuff is in the middle.

FULL MOON peaks this evening at [7:52 pm pdt/ 8:52 pm mdt/ 9:52 pm edt] bringing in new energies within that balance opposites. The recent eclipses sent our lives into the extremes, creating big repurcussions for change.

MOON SQUARE SATURN [9:27 pm pdt/ 10:27 pm mdt/ 11:27 pm cdt/ 12:27 am late night edt] is a measured “one step at a time,” kind of pathway. It encourages the work that this time of year users in. In the changes (including change of seasons) there is simple work to do.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [11:23 pm pdt/ 12:23 am late night mdt/ 1:23 am late night cdt/ 2:23 am late night edt] is another work oriented aspect. This one encourages action. With Saturn squaring it may be “measured action,” and this supportive Mars aspect adds power to the Aries FULL MOON. Our power to take right actions is enhanced.

Focus and clear intention is important at this Full Moon! CHIRON and MERCURY are closely linked. As well as SATURN and MARS! Lots of communications and action! Inner as well as Outer. Invisible with Visible. Its a busy interdimensional time! 
. . . . . . . BLESSINGS TO YOU. This FULL MOON peak of LIGHT. . . . .
May your cauldron overflow with the purification and healing that cooks to truth, cooks to balance, and cooks to right relationship. 
. . . . . . . . .
Author’s Note: 
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