September 23, 2018 – working Sunday

MERCURY SQUARE SATURN – [9:46 am pdt / 10:46 am mdt / 11:46 am cdt/ 12:46 pm edt] is a piece of communications work first thing on a Sunday. Time for restructuring our communications life.

[10:22 am pdt/ 11:22 am mdt/ 12:22 pm cdt/ 1:22 pm edt] is a watery infusion of fluidity and neptunium experience.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [6:24 pm pdt/ 7:24 pm mdt/ 8:24 pm cdt/ 9:24 pm edt] is an aspect of power in our core. This is a power-building day! Power is rising, the MOON is still gaining light and we are up at the top of the cycle almost at FULL MOON!

FULL MOON is tomorrow (Monday) [at 7:52 pm pdt]  This FULL MOON is in Aries/LibraSUN now in Libra and MOON leaving a morning VOID tomorrow and entering the FULL MOON sign of Aries [at 4:03 pm pdt]  Those final hours this month, between 4:03 pm pdt and 7:52 pm pdt, are climax hours of this whole lunar cycle. This night is a powernight.

MERCURY TRINE MARS [6:29 pm pdt/ 7:29 pm mdt/ 8:29 pm cdt/ 9:29 pm edt] adds power and action to our communications functions. This trine calls us to speak and act in harmony. We are supported to align our actions with our words, and called to utilize our own thoughts to empower our actions. 

MOON TRINE JUPITER [10:25 pm pdt/ 11:25 pm mdt/ 12:25 am late night cdt/ 1:25 am late night edt] is a gift from the uplifted energies of our world. Expansion, Abundance, Joy and Reciprocity that is Revelatory are some of the qualities possible here. 

May we all utilize this power given today, for our own flowering in the ways we gift and serve this world. May we feel our partnership with the Divine and the Fabric of Life we are held by, as we act in our power as a living moving being.