September 22, 2018 – Big Equinox !

FALL EQUINOX BLESSINGS to YOU! Equinoxes are always balancing. The first day of Libra; marking the equinox–is the ultimate balancer.

Moon enters Pisces this day early. [5:27 am pdt/ 6:27 am mdt/ 7:27 am cdt/ 8:27 am edt] bringing in the sensitive waters.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS [8:56 am pdt/ 9:56 am mdt/ 10:56 am cdt/ 11:56 am edt] is a connection between our personal feeling world and a breakthrough change and freedom force.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [10:56 am pdt/ 11:56 am mdt/ 12:56 pm cdt/ 1:56 pm edt] is another supportive aspect in the world of form. The earth world.

SUN enters Libra; (exact time of equinox); [6:54 pm pdt/ 7:54 pm mdt/ 8:54 pm cdt/ 9:54 pm edt] leaving earthy Virgo realm behind now for the realm of partnerships and balancing Opposites.

Fall Equinox (though often thought of as the beginning of “fall”) is actually in many wisdom traditions: the midpoint of the season!

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS [7:46 pm pdt/ 8:46 pm mdt/ 9:46 pm] makes for a whacky evening of humor or strange angles.

MOON TRINE VENUS [9:22 am pdt/ 10:22 am mdt/ 11:22 am cdt/ 12:22 pm edt] offers a sweet creativity.

SUN OPPOSITE CHIRON [10:01 pm pdt/11:01 pm mdt/ 12:01 pm cdt/ 1:01 pm edt] is a lit up challenge to heal and overcome our “issues.” This deep heart and soulful feeling aspect touches our deepest places of raw or vulnerable; lighting them up with a creative force of life!

. . . . .

Authors Note: ooohwy ! There’s been weird techy things going on!! It’s a weird time for a lot of people. The fabric is in a state of heightened change. There’s a lot of animal news. That last court hearing wasn’t at all about animals ; I’m tired of the court system. It’s just weird.

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