September 20, 2018 – Feminine Reconfiguration, Healing, Solar Flare Communications Power

MOON SQUARE VENUS [6:46 am pdt/ 7:46 am mdt/ 8:46 am cdt/ 9:46 am edt] is a reconfiguration, piece of work amidst feminine presences. The archetypal mother and the archetypal maiden doing the good work. These two feminine archetypes differ in values and expression, and yet, they can still work together, with patience and acceptance. 

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY [6:52 pm pdt/ 7:52 pm mdt/ 8:52 pm cdt/ 9:52 pm edt] is a “blow it all up,” communications light up, expansion and fiery ignition. The SUN is also receiving a lot of attention. Solar observatories were closed, “rumor has it,” . . . when hundreds of spaceships were seen in front of the sun, from earth. A spiritual channel asked what was going on and it was said that the galactic neighborhood sees “humanity in need of assistance,” so they have come to assist. It is for us to know there are hundreds of thousands of “angels” and galactic friends here to assist us. All this happening is aligned in this SUN-MERCURY conjunction, communications with the SUN! 

CHIRON is emphasized today, bringing attention to deep wounds and their missions for healing and changes. 

Tomorrow MERCURY OPPOSES CHIRON, an acute “wounded healer” aspect that may require our own presence to sit with deep parts of self. We are called to our own “self healing journey.”