September 9, 2018 – NEW MOON (fresh out of eclipse cycle)

buddhist-1793421_640NEW MOON today is in Virgo. We’ve spent the last 2-3 months and the last 2-3 lunar cycles in an eclipse purge and transformation. Often we cannot see the whole picture as we are going through it and often it can feel dismembering or catapulting, or the extremes of angels and demons, blessings and curses, and the boundaries of our existence, where we sit within it and how the pendulum will swing us to the extremes, and out of balance, just to encourage a stronger, cleaner balance beyond.fern-821293_640

This NEW MOON is not an eclipse, being a fresh clear energy in which to do things, without the quicksand of clearing and purging going on.

VENUS entered Virgo just before dawn, this morning, joining the sign of the fresh New Moon. [2:25 am pdt/ 3:25 am mdt/ 4:25 am cdt/ 5:25 am cdt].

ocean-3605547_640 (1)MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE [7:48 am pdt/ 8:48 am mdt/ 9:48 am cdt/ 10:48 am edt] is the aspect just before the eclipse, identifying it with a boat, oceanic quality. We may feel like a little boat, on a big ocean, a bit tossed, and a bit confused about direction, however its only the early early beginning of a new cycle and we will see it more clearly as each day passes.

SUN CONJUNCT MOON [exact time of New Moon: 11:01 am pdt/ 12:01 pm mdt/ 1:01 pm cdt/ 2:01 edt]sunset-3331503_640 (1) 16 degrees of Virgo. This New Moon comes with a spiritual call, to accept the “clarification,” the losses, the refinement, strengthening and tasks that we must perform to be on our soul’s journey, one that my require us to change, to move, to grow and to face unexpected things. This Equinox-Ushering-New Moon invites in new life force and intelligence–a fresh galactic intent, that clear of all the past.

Though we are human, we are also galactic. It is impossible to be what we are and not have a galactic part. We can be “out of touch,” with this part, however it is there.

Virgo is a sign of healing, balancing, cleaning and preparation. The kind of clearing of an eclipse is soul-clearing, life-clearing, and bigger-that-we-can-see-clearing. The kind of clearing that a Virgo New Moon invites and holds space for is our own personal closets, files and edits on paper. A more intimate, and creative intention-ful clearing and cleaning that we do with our own broom, now that the galactic demolition horses are finished.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER [1:23 pm pdt/ 2:23 mdt/ 3:23 cdt/ 4:23 edt] is a graceful gentle increase, enlighten, or understanding. This new cycle invites our day by day elevation out of the purge phase. There’s a grace, angels watching and spiritual “next steps,” reaching out to us.

MOON TRINE PLUTO [2:03 pm pdt/ 3:03 pm mdt/ 4:03 pm cdt/ 5:03 pm edt] is the empowerment we can receive when we connect with the angelic, the galactic, and higher divine intent. There are many ways to experience our own power, aligning with the divine, is the highest form.

. . . . . . . . .. .
Author’s Note: Its been a rough ride, at the end of that eclipse on my astrological Sun position. An eclipse upon a personal planet at an exact degree is usually a near death experience of one kind or another–and the SUN, especially. The death is often experienced by a limited ego–a death. Today is when that intense life(ego)-threatening cycle ends. I’m so grateful that I’ve lived through that cycle. As an astrologer and star-traveller I was afraid of walking through it. As it unfolded and I saw the manifestations of shadow, challenge and life-threats, I wondered each day if I would make it through. There was nowhere to hide and I had to face everything I went through in a small town with a character assassination going on with people I did not know, who do not know me. With my animals all being themselves, in the area, with me trying to protect them, as they make choices to run, to escape, to be with the trees–of course. One is still out in the bush with her babies. It is the same one who likes to be “on the outskirts of the pack and us.” She likes to be on her own in the trees and to visit all of us. She is the one who always stays after we move and I always have to go back and get her a week or two or even three later because sometimes it takes time in her process to complete at a location, and for us to connect with her so she can come with us. I backpacked food and water into the forest near her last night and hope to go collect her and her puppies very soon. I know she is scared, now that we are not near her anymore. However we’ve been through this before with her–for I think 2 years, just never with puppies. Please pray for her as I was blocked from one way of reaching her (an apartment complex parking lot)–and had to find another way in. The manager has those sharp eyes, and gave me a “no trespassing ticket,” for being there. She thought I was sleeping in my car on the property because I had been seen there with my car early in the morning and late at night. Lol. oops. Sorry I was just feeding a creature. The police officer who came to give me an information paper that I could not come there anymore or I would get a trespassing ticket, is the one that I’ve been working with to make police reports on the attempts of two women to steal my animals from me, utilizing government officials for their illegal conspiracy. I had made police reports, long before the mold tests, the retaliatory eviction, and the stolen dogs. This is a very very complicated situation and I do need to go through the courts, however the fact that I had reported these ladies trying to steal my animals before they did it helps. The animals were taken to WolfWood, which is the best place they could be temporarily housed, we think, however unfortunately Paula, the owner was lied to about the situation, in order to go pick up our animals. It will be a bit of a challenge for us to continue to educate her of the truth, and to peacefully work with authorities, court system and her to complete a court order to get them back. What we are doing in our 501.c3 work is a little bit different than what she is doing in her 501.c3 work. Both are valuable and worthy, and ours is important and unique and not in a place to be “assimilated,” by the other projects that are unique from us. Thank you for your support along the way, it has been and is an incredible jedi, wolf adventure of heart, soul and overcoming, truth-telling and humility. Much Love. I’m grateful grateful. to be at this threshold having made it through the last 28 days of death challenge. Love.
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