unicorn-2055744_640JUPITER TRINE NEPTUNE [12:44 am pdt/ 1:44 am mdt/ 2:44 am cdt/ 3:44 am edt] New Age Surf Board, and don’t forget how magical today can be–or this aspect–to literally envision or imagine yourself and your life into existence, the next phase. Its like the book “The Secret,” all powered into one day. (and the days surrounding). Not that an uplifting aspect like this doesn’t have a shadow side! Sometimes bringing in a bunch of light shows some dark corners off! Fluids and water will also be up for being seen and heard.

THIS TRINEfantasy-3311091_640is a fantastical TRINE with two SLOW MOVING GIANT influencer planets that can be fluid, abundant, angelic and embody GRACE. Where in our lives do we need to apply grace? Where in the world are we needed with our grace?

girl-2755877_640MOON TRINE MERCURY [8:13 am pdt/ 9:13 am mdt/ 10:13 am cdt/ 11:13 am edt] adds feeling and communications into the grace power.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS [10:13 am pdt/ 11:13 am mdt/ 12:13 pm cdt/ 1:13 pm edt] adds feminine power to the already supernatural grace and communications with divine, Today is a day to ascend, or descend heaven to earth.sea-3572203_640

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE [4:12 pm pdt/ 5:12 pm mdt/ 6:12 pm cdt/ 7:12 pm edt] is the fabulous weekend coming to a close, or the confusion that comes when dimensional shifting begins to enter “real life” or rather “3-D only” life. As dimensional expansion is occurring and people on earth begin to realize we are a part of a large galactic community, things on every level will shift.

August 18, 2018 – MERCURY STATIONARY DIRECT – First Quarter Moon

MERCURY is STATIONARY DIRECT todaymarking the end of the magical mercury retrograde that swept in, during the shadow-clearing eclipse portal. This was a perfect set-up for clearing unusual karma’s from the past, with old time soul-limiting relationships where the past caused fear, oppression, or incomplete processes that had shadow material that needed to be dug up, exposed, released and cleared. This process of “shadow clearing,” happens in all kinds of interesting ways, (from the 3-D perspective it can be very odd). When we start perceiving more deeply, into the invisible world, then the circles and weird circumstances weave into play, things that are in the way of more light entering our field. Dense energies can sit in our unconscious from the past. This time of mercury retrograde during an eclipse portal was and is HIGHLY SHADOW and guck-clearing. We may be facing situations where we have to be strong, and speak the truth. It really is true that the “truth will set us free.” I didn’t realize how true that was until I was on this crazy wolf path and being confronted by people who have lied. Though I don’t always “win anything,” with the truth, it does usually protect me from anything extremely bad happening. Liars with selfish causes, don’t usually overtake truth tellers who are caring for life. So its a beautiful thing to be in the latter category.  I didn’t realize how much I might have to stand up and speak the truth in front of liars.

SUN SQUARES MOON ; First Quarter [12:48 am pdt/ 1:48 am mdt/ 2:48 am cdt/ 3:48 am edt] pre-dawn brings us into the light side of the lunar cycle now rising toward the PEAK FULL MOON, releasing the final shadow and gook from our last three months, and bodies and beings from the gook moving through. Though this FULL MOON coming is not an eclipse, the NEW MOON that began and birthed this cycle was, so it will come to fruition with the final shadow clearing, in this full moon light, and beyond, as we unwind releasing the final shadow pieces that were stirred into the present by Mercury Retrograde’s assistance in clearing past shtuff that we don’t need moving forward, or that it will assist the whole to have it dealt with. When we cross a fresh uneclipsed NEW MOON, we may feel the shadow clearing is complete; around September 9, 10, 11, we should rise out of shadow clearing heavy stuff.

MOON SEXTILE MARS [8:07 am pdt/ 9:07 am mdt/ 10:07 am cdt/ 11:07 am edt] sends the MOON into the VOID, until [9:45 am pdt/ 10:45 am mdt/ 11:45 am cdt/ 12:45 pm edt]. This is a fiery void, fueled by mars’ passion.

In the tiny morning VOID, MERCURY SEXTILE’S VENUS, [8:35 am pdt/ 9:35 am mdt/ 10:35 am cdt/ 11:35 am edt]  our inner feminine nature is nearby today, able to contribute, soothe, cook and care for us from within, and shining out, through words, poetry, meditation and mind-loving-activities.

MOON departs the VOID between Scorpio and Sagittarius to enter the talkative world-wide fire sign–Sag. Now our attention can return to politics and the international world theater, just in time for MERCURY to go DIRECT officially, though it will be in that funny “in between place,” all day!

MERCURY goes DIRECT–the exact moment of stop to go other way–is [9:25 pm pdt/ 10:25 pm mdt/ 11:25 pm cdt/ 12:25 am edt] Mercury does this at 11 degrees of Leo. Many things in the Leonine area, can go forward now from the past-life-circular-shadow-clearing help we received in the middle of everything else we thought was going on.

This has been a friendly RESET button, circular deep old shit-clearing-time. May we all walk peacefully into the light, slime in tow, offering it gracefully to return to source. This upcoming full moon may reveal a lot of things being dug up and sent off, the earth is asking to be lightened of all the intrique, lies, dense, violent or heavy energies, are being cleared, so that earth can be a lighter place, with less of that incarnate and practicing here.

May we all assist that process so that it can go well and quickly move to a nicer part of the process of changing ages!

August 17, 2018 – Blessing Power Day

night-photograph-2183637_640 (1)MOON in Power-Balancing Scorpio is CONJUNCT JUPITER [6:06 am pdt/ 7:06 am mdt/ 8:06 am cdt/ 9:06 am edt] inviting grace and luck. You might have seen the MOON and JUPITER hanging near each other last night, or felt the upliftment of the two together.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE [6:32 am pdt/ 7:32 am mdt/ 8:32 am cdt/ 9:32 am edt] is like a river. Elements of us or the day are fluid, abundant and rich in spirit.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO [1:12 pm pdt/ 2:12 pm mdt/ 3:12 pm cdt/ 4:12 pm edt] is an act of power, a choice, or “taking a stand,” on behalf of what we believe in.

FIRST QUARTER MOON is tomorrow moving us to the light side of this final eclipse lunar cycle.

MERCURY is slowing down to STATION. Tomorrow MERCURY is STATIONARY DIRECT at [9:25 pm pdt]. May we all notice the humor and the circular patterns of retrogrades.
. . . .
Author’s Note: We are dealing with a mold situation and it appears the landlord tried to cover it up and not tell us, then didn’t address it when we noticed and when we “got serious,” and asked her to really address it, she filed for eviction the next day. This time, its not about the dogs, though it may appear that way, its this hidden mold issue. I have court today and need a quick $500 to pay an attorney helping me and $650 to pay a mold company for tests and the explanation of the mold spores. Any support appreciated!


August 16, 2018 – Tension Aspect – Actions and Communications to Overcome Limitations

adventure-1868817_640MOON SQUARE MARS pre-dawn, has us in action all night in dreamtime, prior to the morning, or “leaping up out of bed” this morning.

MOON enters Scorpio also predawn. Mars-ruled water sign, deep under-the-surface-shtuff, will be dealt with today.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [6:27 am pdt/ 7:27 am mdt/ 8:27 am cdt/ 9:27 am edt] is more leaping, leaping up to flight.person-984124_640

MOON SEXTILE SATURN [7:06 am pdt/ 8:06 am mdt/ 9:06 am cdt/ 10:06 am edt] offers sweet earth gifts, in the midst of complicated people days. (ego’s never do very well in eclipse periods like now).

silhouette-2480321_640MOON SQUARE MERCURY [11:18 pm pdt/ 12:18 am late night mdt/1:18 am late night cdt/ 2:18 am late night edt]  is a tension square that could bring up miscommunications or misunderstandings. or simply the need to “work through differences,” .  . . words are not necessarily always going to assist with the highest truths. The highest truths are silent.

Lucky for all of us, Jupiter is in Scorpio, with a goodness and expanded consciousness that lights up the underworld. While Moon crosses the dark underworld of our own power, it heads for Jupiter.action-1854202_640 (1)

Today–we may tread through some shadow material, even if only to clean it. Tomorrow morning we will hit the Jupiter conjunction with our personal MOON moving across the sky. Touched by grace tomorrow.

. . . . . .
Author’s Note: Wolf pack news: Donations needed for feeding both packs and for a few other expenses. We are preparing a way for all of you to join our “adopt the pack,” and “adopt a wolf,” program of supporting every month with anywhere from a $5 to a $100 donation each month. (so we never run out of dogfood again!) That system will be up in the next few days. In the mean time we need urgent financial assistance with costs for a mold testing company, (yes there’s mold in the house). Its important we show this as the landlady is trying to evict us before the mold is seen. She would like to rerent the house, without disclosing the mold. Oh my. We are running an ozone machine to stay safe while we look for another property! We had one but it fell through. Now starting fresh again. We are also in process with purchasing property. Any assistance or referals to allies welcome!
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August 15, 2018 – tension morning to free afternoon

MOON SQUARE PLUTO [6:51 am pdt/ 7:51 am mdt/ 8:51 am cdt/ 9:51 am edt] is a cathartic power aspect with tension and a potential power challenge to overcome.

SUN SEXTILE MOON [1:22 pm pdt / 2:22 pm mdt / 3:22 pm cdt/ 4:22 am edt] is an aspect of masculine and feminine harmony.

Tomorrow has some squares with mars and mercury so beware of stress or anger.

. . .

Authors Note: there’s a lot going on in wolf world and we need support again after a mostly self-sufficient summer! Changes and stresses crept up on us in the eclipse window and we are now scrambling to make our ends meet and keep our four leggeds fed.

All donations needed and appreciated!